Trump's brilliant solution to the illegal invasion

If you want asylum you must apply at a designated check point. If you crash our border illegally in a spot other than a designated entry point, you forfeit your right to apply. If you get assigned a court date and you fail to show up for that date, you will forfeit your right to apply and be deported.

This is about as common sense a solution as we can get. Agree?

Federal law outlines the process for applying for asylum… The president doesn’t have the option of making up new rules as he pleases…

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Aside from the fact that it violates numerous treaties and international law.

There’s already a process for asylum seekers.

You think he or anyone else that is mesmerized by Donald Trump knows that?

It’s not a new rule. We have the option of deporting people who enter our country illegally. We will enforce this option if people fail to properly apply. Good idea?

Which method do you prefer?

Crashing the border or applying at a designated entry point?

So if the caravan reaches a designated checkpoint, you have nothing to complain about.

And if everybody applies and waits for the results of the application, then you have nothing to complain about. :sunglasses:

they’re literally going to walk up to a point of entry.

I’m not going to predict what they are going to do. They already have a history of crashing borders.

They vandalized the border with Mexico. I hope they do respect our border. 20 million others literally did not. The law will apply to them as well. I hope. The President will have tents ready for them so they don’t have to sleep outside. I hope that liberals show them some generosity as well.

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Any competent American President could end and disperse the “caravan” overnight. But Trump is incompetent. Plus, he knows the “caravan” fantasy stories really really scare impressionable and ignorant republican bumpkins who already lean racist, and there’s millions of them. So why end a good thing? ■■■■ the humans in the caravan, they are just for political porn exploitation purposes.

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Is that a fact? So clue us in. Your reply lacks details. How would a competent president break up a march 1000 miles into a foreign country? Let’s hear your theory.


If someone thinks it doesn’t fit with federal law, let them take it to court and we will find out.

Yes… And Trumps actions these last few day has increased his approval…Sweet! Troops to the border!

Easy. Tell Mexico to do it using their own police or military, or we will cut subsidies to them in a million ways. Or impose immediate confiscatory tariffs on their goods. Or end tourist travel to Mexico. Pick one. All of these are justified if the threat is so serious that it warrants deploying 15,000 soldiers to the Texas border, unless the President is lying about the threat.

Any competent tactician would address the threat before it arrives at the border and creates a crisis. But that’s just it - it isn’t a real threat. Although there may be a bedraggled horde that’s half made up of women and children, it’s a migrant and refugee horde. It’s not a group of “invaders” of criminals and rapists. But that’s what Trump wants you to think, because its an easy way to manipulate you. You prove you’re gullible and manipulated by a dime store con man every time you post about this.


Then why the need for an executive order? I’ll wait to see what’s in it but if it’s like most of his xenophobic nonsense, a lawsuit will be filed, an injunction ordered and a year or two down the road it MIGHT have a chance of some part of the EO going into effect…

Nope. In the last week Trump’s approval rating (RCP Average) has gone from 44.4 (last Friday) to 44.1 (today).

Or shoot them.

-D. J. Trump