Trump Would Have Done Better

Are you under the impression oil workers get a discount at the wellhead?

No, as demand increases… prices go up. Demand usually means job security and growth.


7 year high. Who was POTUS 7 years ago?


Just give up… I already corrected you. You were wrong. Own it like a Texas man.

No, you didn’t. But you can believe the delusion. Just like all the rest of them.

I said rising before the election… then provided you data that showed exactly what I said.

Don’t be weak

Hovering at $40. $7 jump right after. Now highest in 7 years. Tsk, tsk.

Yaboi is killing it.

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Economy is humming!

Merry Christmas.

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Or perhaps you’re the only person who didn’t understand my post. :thinking:

No vaccine mandates will work wonders for starters…


DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD OR ELSE! It’s for your own good…

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YES! Perfect.

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…and his VP Brandon too.

Eliminate every covid policy and rely on vaccine and immunity to move ahead.

Low risk at this point.

Hand wringing over a few hundred cases is crushing recovery.

Taking away your freedoms one step at a time. That, not concern for people, is the concern of our leftist leaders.

Scary times.


Trump did worse and lost

It’s awesome almost a year later you guys still let us piñata your emotions over this.

Let’s Go Brandon!!

Worse than what?