Trump Would Have Done Better

If Trump had been in charge instead of the present regime, almost every single thing going on right now would be better.

-We would not have the ships backed up just waiting to be unloaded, ruining the economy.
-Afghanistan would not have been handed like it was.
-There would not be this flood of illegal immigrants overrunning our borders & costing us all a fortune.
-Inflation would not be at a 30 year high.
-Taxes would not be going up
-Gas would be a dollar less per gallon.
-More people would be working.
-We would have a much faster recovery than now.
-There wouldn’t be a man dressed like a woman in the President’s Cabinet, embarrassing us all.
-We would have more freedoms.
-We wouldn’t be heading headlong into insane Venezuela style socialism.
-There wouldn’t be bodies piling up in mass graves in Panama from migrant chains passing through coming here.
-It would be America first, NOT China first to pay back the bribes.
-The wall would be under construction instead of sitting rusting in piles.
-We wouldn’t be spending trillions on a socialist dictatorship transition of the US.
-Parents wouldn’t be under investigation as terrorists by the FBI for daring to disagree with leftist indoctrinating school boards.
-We wouldn’t have a President on National TV accusing those who have antibodies who do not need a vax of being super spreaders, going against “Science”.
-I’d be on my way back to South Texas to live instead of looking farther north of the now super dangerous border.
-There would not be cartels firing randomly fully automatic machine guns into the US.

On the bright side we no longer have any mean tweets or a potty mouth President…er…well Biden has a huge potty mouth so we still have that…


He didn’t and he wouldn’t.

This Trump guy sounds great.

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Let’s Go Brandon!!


Murder rate is down under biden.

Just another falsehood.


…while everything else stated was spot on. :roll_eyes:


Some the points are nonsense.

How would trump get more people to work?

Have a work mandate?

I would like to know the answer to that question.

How do you force people to do what obviously they don’t want to do?


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How about not have a vaccine mandate? That would put Southwest airline pilots back to work. See how ezpz that was?


The best way to get people to work and restore the economy is not necessarily to pay them not to work.


Work or starve. Really good at motivating people.

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Southwest let 7,000 people go during 2020 recession.

And they wonder why they can’t get flights into the air.


And how does one achieve that feat.


No one’s wondering anything more than the fact I just stated that there is no denying.

That’s not a fact but an opinion.


Don’t pay someone to stay home, at tax payer expense?

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Golly, that is a tough one, How about cutting off all those government payments and allow landlords to start evicting people again.


Freedom to get an abortion in Texas.

That kind of freedom?


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Oh…it’s just my opinion Southwest Airline pilots just walked off the job due to Biden’s vaccine mandate?

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A fictional character.