Trump wonders why Mount Vernon was NOT named Mount Washington (4-2018)

“If he was smart, he would’ve put his name on it,” Trump said during a tour of Mount Vernon last April that he shared with French president Emmanuel Macron, three people briefed on the exchange told [Politico]

“You’ve got to put your name on stuff or no one remembers you,” he reportedly continued.

dont think you have to worry about a state and a district named after you, the worse President since James Buchanan.

or having trump on United States currency or coin.

you have to be good

he is not.

John F Kennedy airport will not be renamed Donald J Trump. LOL


George who?

This one sentence tells us so much about Trump. Sad.


Mount Vernon president and CEO Doug Bradburn, who served as the VIP tour guide for the visit, noted that the first president was successful in getting the nation’s capital named after himself, according to Politico, to which Trump conceded laughingly.

Donald will be on his deathbed and his great regret will be never getting a guarantee that a piece of currency, battleship, or city will be named in his honor. So unfair that so few recognize his stable genius-ery!

I vote that every single Democrats top priority for the next 20 years is to make sure absolutely nothing gets names after Donald Trump.

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Flush twice?

You’d need a toilet with a jet turbine to flush a turd that big.


I’d hate to be around when it happens, though.The noise from that would probably give you every cancer in the book.


Trump bash hater TDS ok we got that out of the way

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Unlike windmills, jet turbines use fossil fuels. They only thing they cause is beautiful babies, rainbows, and unadulterated happiness.

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This is such a stupid and egotistical statement

This is Trump in a nutshell.


Great men do not need their names on objects to be remembered.

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There might be a landfill or two that could bear his name.


Damn straight… Anything else is false god stuff. Evangelical type stuff…

Excellent suggestion.

Sewage/waste water reclamation centers would be another appropriate choice.

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Donald’s just sad he’s not getting the level of praise and honor he feels he’s entitled to receive.


The dude has massive insecurity issues. I think we all know why.

Damn - that was going to be my suggestion. You beat me to it - lol

If only medium sized gloves didn’t have such a loose fit on him. It must be tough in the pro shop, reaching all the way over to the left to pick out the one marked, “S”.

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