Trump wonders why Mount Vernon was NOT named Mount Washington (4-2018)

No one has ever claimed that Trump is a smart person.

Trump has.

There’s yer sign…


Donald thinks that stands for “Stupendously Bigly.”

Pathetic gaudy shadow of a man

I would vote for a proclamation that all federal prisons be named for trump family members and…er…associates.


And some people think he wants to build a “big, beautiful wall” only because he is concerned about illegal immigrants…

In Chicago, they have the Cal-Sag Shipping and Sanitary canal. They could easily rename that after Trump.

You think Trump would wade hip deep in the canal to break a champagne bottle over the renaming?

Yes…because no one would tell him what a horrible toxic waste dump it is.

The landfill in my county is being renamed to the trump memorial trash depot.

and in New York they have the gowanus canal. could be named the trump canal
with maybe a little money from trump himself. One of the most polluted waterways in existence
in 2019.


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brilliant student of history that one is

A foreigner had more knowledge about US history than our own POTUS…embarrassing.

According to the news outlet’s sources, Trump was disinterested in the first president during the tour and said Macron and his wife had far more knowledge about the history of the compound. Bradburn later described the 45-minute tour with Trump as “truly bizarre,” they added.

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Anything ever owned by a “White male Republican” is Racist,
and the Democrats should be able to take everything from them. lol.

They need to go on more vacations, and need more rides on private jets.

How about a rest stop on the NJ Turnpike? That seems fitting.

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There was that picture of the black hole. Sucks up everything in his path leaving only destruction and nothingness, had a orange hue…


What a ■■■■■■■ moron…thanks trump voters…

I did not vote for Trump but will be in 2020. You can thank me in advance.

I will be voting against Trump in 2020. And I live in a battleground state.

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That’s precious.