Trump will only be a single term president


Very true, but Obama’s 2012 victory was no shoe-in in the popular (he beat Romney by only 5 million in the popular vote). It was the electoral votes where he really beat him. And not all of the states that went for him in '16 are guaranteed in 2020.


The irrationality of voters has been demonstrated countless times in countless countries in countless elections. So you never know.

It all depends on who the Democrats run. Trump is at a disadvantage in that he has done nothing to increase his base. He’s not a uniter by any stretch. He’s a Fox & Friends, Twitter Troll, InfoWars idiot who just managed to con enough other idiots to get the seat. It’ll be a harder sell the second time.


Well there are no guarantees in life period; just saying incumbents apparently have a huge advantage.

I’m actually not sure why that is considering that everybody on both sides always seems to be pissed off about everything and people generally have a negative perception of where things are trending and hate the government.

You’d think that nobody on the national scale would ever get re-elected , yet here we are.



It isn’t over until the last vote is counted.

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There was no incumbent running in 2916. That probably had something to do with it.


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He tried to use his presidential influence in 2016 but it didn’t help, is what I was saying.


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You are both correct.


I predict he’ll be re-nominated, and by a comfortable margin. The GOP is hostage to Trumpism for the foreseeable future.


There is a definite disadvantage in a party winning the WH three terms in a row.
It’s only happened three times in the last 100 years.


How does congressional gerrymandering affect the presidential election?


It doesn’t.


It only effects congressional elections.


If they haven’t been convinced by now, they never will be.


Disagree. I think he’ll be an anchor around their neck. He may run but he won’t get the nomination.