Trump will fight impeachment in Supreme Court

Sorry, but Trump’s full of it on this one.
Impeachment and conviction is the sole province of Congress.
SCOTUS cannot even review it.
The House has the votes to impeach.
There are not enough votes in the Senate to convict and remove him from office. That can change, but that’s what we have now.

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The President of the United States doesn’t know the basics of the Constitution.

Let that sink in.

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The Supreme Court Chief Justice presides over the trial in the Senate. Literally every branch of government is involved in impeachment.

The Chief Justice merely keeps the process moving. He schedules the speakers and keeps them on schedule.
If you watched the Clinton Senate trial you know what I mean.

Let them impeach.

The Chief Justice basically just serves in an administrative role during the senate trial. the SCOTUS has ruled that it’s solely the role of Congress to decide impeachment and conviction and the court has no say.

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I don’t believe Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, would allow the President to put out that kind of statement if it wasn’t backed up by some legitimate legal theory. Otherwise the President just looks like he’s an idiot. We all know Donald Trump isn’t an idiot so there must be some other explanation.


Define idiot?

Dang - now I’m going to have to somehow clean up this computer monitor. :rofl::rofl:

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Neither do 95% of the American people.
A crime is not necessary to impeach.
High Crimes and Misdemeanors was taken directly from English impeachment law. It means maladministration of office.
Congress alone determines what this is.
In short, Congress can impeach and convict for any reason it wants as long as the votes are there.


One would think that the President of the Untied States would know the basics of the Constitution better than the made up percentage of citizens that you brought up.

He has no idea and doesn’t care to know.

That is true for his term in office about every single thing.

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He promised to restore Law and Order while being completely ignorant of the law. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

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A president who doesnt understand separation of powers.

House impeaches
senate trial

the time for a defense of the president comes at the trial not in SCOTUS,

LOL. Impeachment is a political device to remove the president.


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Just wait, I’ll bet there will be a couple of people on this very board that come on this thread and tell us that isn’t true.

For the record I’m against starting impeachment on Trump at this time, even though there is enough there to warrant it.

Republicans have absolutely no qualms about the president of the United States knowing less about civics and government than the average high school graduate.

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It takes some folks longer than others to come to this realization.

He will be impeached next November by the American people who will rise up as the did in the midterms and say enough is enough.


It’s as if Trump has no idea how government works.

Maybe Trump can promise Congress unlimited supplies of Trump steaks in lieu of impeachment.

Aw the president doesn’t know how government works! He’s the dumbest president ever! Anybody running for president should have to pass a civics exam! I bet he thinks the Germans bombed Peril Harbor! Well, I guess we know which president rode the short bus to school!