Trump will Cave

Looks like Trump will back down and sign an EO allowing families to stay together.

“Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is working with White House lawyers to draft an executive action that will end the Trump administration’s practice of separating migrant families at the border, according to a source familiar with the matter…”

Will he throw Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions under the bus?

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No he will say he is a humanitarian who put an end to this horrible policy put forth by…the Democrats. Bla bla bla doublespeak gaslight gaslight bingo!


Why does he need an EO?

I’ve got a feeling he’s gonna add some crazy ■■■■ in there…

It has to be a photo op.

Looks like the GOP couldn’t extract Dem concessions when they took the children hostage. The base is gonna be bummed.

So, to review, Trump creates a crisis to try to get his way. The crisis backfired and makes him look bad. He then issues an EO try to correct his manufactured crisis, and will likely try to sell himself as some kind of hero now.

Now there’s some eleventh dimensiony thinking :rofl:


And his base will eat it up and say what a wonderful humanitarian he is.

But anyone with a brain will see right thru it



The Base enjoy alternative facts.

Hope Stephen Miller had his “fun” while this lasted…

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And there it is. Administrator posts a thread breathlessly panting “Trump Steps In” .



They are gonna spin hard but this one left a gigantic heaping dung smell thats gonna persist a long time. Its a stain that we Americans will look back at in disgust.

And I’m glad that the Dems didn’t capitulate while the terrorist in chief held those kids hostage.

Waiting on some classic stuff from Ann Coulter…

One thing you can say about Trump - he has no shame.



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He has already caved, the blame game is in complete overdrive.

Another fun day for Trump world (we’re all in it)!