Trump will Cave

You called it. Lol.

Womp womp. But didn’t Trump just say days ago that he couldn’t do it with an EO?

Waiting for the conservative defenders of the Trump Child Abuse policy to now laud the president for being a humanitarian.


He definitely needs that Peace Prize now!

That’s where were headed.

Yeah, I have no energy to do this, but sure would be fun go through all the old threads on why separating children from families as a deterrent was okay yesterday but not today.

I think I’m going to put some money into popcorn company stocks today :rofl:

That is the guaranteed narrative; Trump simply wanted to follow the law, but had to save the children from evil Democrats.

Oh what an awful image that is!

90% of Trump is convincing people that he’s great.

The dude is scarred.

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Yes, that about sums it up. Of course, the question to ask is why this wasn’t done BEFORE.

This was a totally self made crisis by Trump, Miller, Sessions and Neilson.


. . . and it will probably work.


Trump is cool? There’s literally a thread right below this one from our resident authoritative experts with multiple PhDs on why separating children is both legal, just, and necessary. Looking forward to today on understanding why an executive order is legal, just, and necessary to keep them together.

They aren’t conservatives. They are Trumpists. And as I said yesterday, he can do an about face and his supporters won’t care.

Whatever Trump says and does is good, even if it’s a complete turn around from the day before.

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Pretty much. Whatever position Trump takes on an issue, Trumpists will support it - and this will demonstrate that.

It’s being reported that Melania has been very influential in ending the family separation, and was working behind the scenes.

Entirely possible this is true, and one of the reasons why Trump caved.

Wow. Look how easy it is. I won’t praise him for this. Maybe just don’t be human trash next time.

This stunt the orange idiot pulled was specifically meant for his base and the mid terms. I think some of his supporters are not going to like this yuuuge turnaround.

What a total ■■■■■■■■■■■ this was. Luckily we saw the forces of good stand up to evil here and evil lost.

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Says a fellow whose party is all in on legalized abortion? Lots of Hubris there.

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