Trump Warns China Impasse to Worsen If Xi Retaliates on Tariffs

So we’re being hurt for 25 years. But simultaneously have best economy ever. Yet Americans should be hurt more because we’ve been hurting already.

Only to a Trumpster does this make sense.


The problem in your argument is that disagreeing with how Trump is promoting a trade policy and negotiations does not mean that one is hoping that China will win… it is that one holds the opinion that the President is taking the wrong course.

We want the same things, just because I don’t think that the President is going about it in a fashion that will get us what we want doesn’t mean that I no longer want it.

Hope that helps clear up the misconception that is leading to false blanket statements


Do you know where that quote is from?

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Well, that’s CRC logic.

So CNBC and those that agree with them are rooting for China! :open_mouth:

While China is hit with $200 Billion tariffs the $60 $Billion China retaliation is enough for CNBC and liberals to surrender to unfair trade practices! :open_mouth::open_mouth:

Thats why liberal leftist can’t be trusted with the security and prosperity of the country. :roll_eyes:

President Trump is right that there are plenty of other countries to trade with, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Japan, Europe etc. and even Vietnam or better yet buy American made!! :us:

I guess the Stock Market supports China over the U.S.

Donald Trump thanks you for your loyal support.

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You understand lots of people, myself included been raising the warning flags for well over a decade…specially me when I arrived to this forum. It was something that Bush should have done instead of getting involved in Iraq.

But no one addressed it, when I brought it up I was ridiculed by both sides.

It was Trump…the only person that did so. And that’s what got him elected.

Politicians ignore the blight that was occurring alone that I-80 corridor.

If I was China I would be doing everything in my power to ensure Donald Trump is a one term president. The next administration will likely be more favorable to China if they help us out with our Donald Trump problem.

Oh so now you want China to interfere with our election…nice to know. The hatred knows no bounds.

Not technically illegal.


The US has benefitted tremendously from China. The US is upset it didn’t benefit even more.

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Trump is hurting american businesses… driving some into bankruptcy…

Is that considered supporting america or china?

Also, shut up about economic pain because ARE TROOPS!


Yeah and so does the country! :grin::us:

Only in the bankrupt minds of liberals!

It benefited “some” people…specially the elitist coastal snobs while it decimated the working class all around the Rustbelt.

The very people the coastal snobs look down upon.

Yeah…who does China think it is? Russia?


Not sure I want to spend that kind of money and time going through Mueller Part 2, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Or is this the new way ya’ll want to let elections run out? I guess you are at least being up front about it now.

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I’m speaking entirely about what China should do to further is own self interests.