Trump Warns China Impasse to Worsen If Xi Retaliates on Tariffs


Same ole Trump. Threaten, threaten and threaten.

It appears the Chinese know his game and aren’t playing it.

And as a world leader, wouldn’t you have to be a complete idiot not to know his game by now? It’s not subtle or anything.

World’s best negotiatior. Get on Twitter and don’t leave them any room to save face.

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Looks like China is ignoring his threat and going to put up their own tariffs.

His accomplices won’t care.

Short term pain…blah blah blah.

We can see who supports China…and who supports America.

Nice job Trump in exposing those people. :sunglasses:


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People who disagree with Donald Trumps tariff policy support China. Gotta love that logic.


They’re running out of defenses now that the Trump con is in it’s 3rd year.

I support my Alma Mater’s sports teams.
I support American trade negotiations.

But if I look at the players on the field, I’m not gonna burn any money betting on them.

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Pardon my French here - but what the hell did Trump think China would do if the US added tariffs? Of course they’re going to retaliate.

Anyone who didn’t see that one coming a mile away desperately needs new eyeglasses.

Hope everyone enjoys the new higher prices they will be paying on consumer goods - all so Trump can have his damn tariffs.

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I think all the tough republicans here think that a CEO can get up in another CEO’s face and threaten him and the 2nd CEO will just lay down and give the 1st CEO what he wants.

Now, in the real world if the 2nd CEO has similar power he’s gonna tell the 1st CEO to go ■■■■ himself OR stay calm and try to outsmart him.

China has chosen option #2.


China done just what we expected them to so…why did you think they would do something different?

And if China doesn’t negotiate in good faith they will be slapped with 300 plus more in tariffs.

Is our own president negotiating in good faith?

If the answer is no, then China won’t either.


Hopefully it’ll dip below 25k and Trump can then brag about it hitting 25k. Again.


I’m not at negotiation board.

But I will say this…do you think existing trade deal with China is sufficient? How about the thief of intellectual property? Or transfer of it in order to do business in China?

When you oppose Trump…you support that thief and transfer of that technology. That’s what “some” people see.

So ridicule away since I know that’s all you got.

We’re probably going to have to buckle in. This is likely to get into a game of both countries continually raising tariffs until someone else gets in the White House.

And, unfortunately, it’s going to hurt American businesses and consumers in the process.

American consumers and business already been hurt…where they hell have you been for last 25 years?

Someone make this concrete. How much better off would the US be without China hurting us. How would you empirically quantify that?

The “you think we’re so innocent” part 2

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Here we go…blame America.