Trump wants to shutdown the border

Fat donald knows what works with his followers. Always go back to the xenophobic bread and butter.
I hope this time he follows through and closes all points of entry.


Good for Trump. Mexico has been playing us and getting away with it for too long.


Flip the switch Mr. President, shut down the border like you’re keeping a reporter from asking a follow up question. Excuse me,excuse me, quiet border we know you are a border for HILLARY CLINTON!


Agreed, fat donald should shut the hell up and completely shut down the border including points of entry.

Trump doesn’t have the balls to follow through with it. He’s all talk.


He has absolutely no idea what shutting down the border means. None.


How many weeks has it been since he decalred a national emergency? He’s not even requested dollars to be diverted. He’s not in any hurry to fix the “emergency.”


How so?

Talking loud and saying nothing is all it take for TrumpFlakes to fall in line

“I will be CLOSING the Border, or large sections of the Border, next week.”

Much like Donald himself, this statement is an empty bag of fart. Fortunately Donald knows a lot about wind.


Fat donald doesn’t have any original thoughts or solutions.

Lou Dobbs – a sometime WH adviser whose show President Trump watches regularly – and his guests were urging President Trump to follow through and close the border last night.

From last night’s edition of Fox News’ Hannity, Rush Limbaugh: “I think the president should shut the border. If he shuts the border and builds the wall, there is nobody, Sean, who can beat him in 2020.”

Please fartbag donald, shut down the border (including points of entry) ASAP!

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They lead him by the nose.

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And do you believe he will do it?

I say do it. Stop talking about it and do it. Shut down the border. It’s not going to hurt me if he does. It will hurt a lot of Americans that support Trump, but they’ve made their bed.

I’m no fan of illegal immigration either. And as you know from past discussions my ideas are more hawkish than most here. But this won’t fix the problem and will just hurts American farmers and businesses. Most of whom support Trump. Let them feel the pain of their decision. I’m over feeling sympathy for people who engage in self-inflicted harm.


Donald Trump is so, so good at knowing how to manipulate the base. Just watch the reactions.

He loves to threaten stuff. Especially small business owners.

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I can just see it now. He calls someone and tells them to close a 1 foot segment of the border for about 5 minutes, then open it back up.

See? I closed the border! I keep my promises!

Sooo, let’s say Trump actually orders the border(or even parts of the border) closed between the US and Mexico today. Does the recession start next week?

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The sad punchline of this joke is that not only would Donald would actually do this, but at his next rally they’d bring down the house cheering for their champion: “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!”

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In what ways?

If we can just shut down the border, why do we need a wall ?