Trump wants Congresswomen to "go back" to their countries

For a United States President to tell other elected US officials, or anyone for that matter, to go back to their country before they question the way our country conducts itself is just shameful.

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Just a simple warning ANY personal attacks in this thread against other members will result in a significant silent pentalty.

Trolling the thread the same.

Uncivil behavior the same.

You have been warned.

And stupid considering three of the four he mentioned were born in the US. Wonder which countries he wants them to return to?

I prefer it if we had the direct tweets, the fact that he is calling for US citizens to go back to their countries is telling to say the least

The president is simply saying he thinks we are the country that is messed up…and as such he thinks these four women should go back to their homes and continue to fix what is broken. I mean New York, Minnesotta, Michigan are good places to start.

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We’ve had our first winner of a week off the boards.

Remember, read second post for the warning.

Somebody please…take his ■■■■■■■ phone away.


He is creating a wedge between the groups. Just like we saw yesterday with someone else.
His base doesnt care he looks stupid…aoc is the stupid one.

Is it racist? Yes. He didnt really minc words on this one…

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Funny, he doesn’t call out the MALE members of congress in this manner. The whiny little bitch is so afraid of strong women, it’s obvious.

Idiot Boy trump has set the bar so low for the presidency, my 95 y/o neighbor can run and win.


Hmmm so you should run for president. If your frail neighbor could win, you should be a shoo in to win.

Start filing paperwork now, you might get on all the states ballots in time.

It’s shameful and transparent, but like most things he does it will be long forgotten 24 hours from now because his presidency is a flaming dumpster fire. I really can’t imagine spending any time defending a man like this, but to each their own.

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Do ya think this is the reason WHY these women were elected? To help clean up the mess in their own areas?

What do you think about what the President wrote?

Sorry, no interest. Besides I am a caregiver for my 92 y/o mom and I’m a college student. (and have 3 dogs who need me)

He’s entitled to his opinion. And people can view it how they want.

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Honestly I am not quite sure what we can or can’t say about this OP. I had an entire thread deleted on this same subject without reason.

How does anyone expect to correct behavior if they are unaware of what they did wrong?

This is a honest question and not mean to be disparaging. I am genuinely confused.


Okay… but how do YOU view it?

It saddens me that this is where we are in politics.

There will not be a backlash from Trumps base, only further solidification for 2020.

No personal attacks.
No trolling.
No uncivil behavior.
No abuse of board.


If you’ve ever seen animal house . . . this thread is on “double secret probation”.

Should have been worded differently.

Can’t tell you the number of liberals on the board over the years I’ve told “If you don’t like this country, how about you go to one that is more in line with your thinking and attitude.”

So in my mind, that is what he has told them.