Trump v. DeSantis

Lets cut to the chase. The campaign has already started even though DeSantis hasn’t officially entered the presidential race. Things are heating up between the two as they jockey for pole position. This is a thread for their ongoing battle to determine who will be the GOP nominee for 24- Trump or DeSantis.

So…what say you- pro DeSantis or pro Trump?

The Florida governor mocked Trump’s rumored hush money payments to Stormy Daniels, which initially triggered Bragg’s investigation, saying, “I don’t know what goes into paying hush money to a pornstar to secure silence over some type of alleged affair.”

Trump: “While I am fighting against Radical Left Lunatics, Persecutors, and unfair Prosecutors who want to destroy us all, Ron DeSanctimonious is not working for the people of Florida as he should be, he is too busy chatting with a Ratings Challenged TV Host from England, desperately trying to rescue his failing Campaign—But it’s my fault, I put him there!”

Desantis’ shot at Trump was so awkwardly delivered I’m thinking he won’t make such a great national candidate.

His personality is just too awkward and stilted, and as much as we may hate it, Presidential politics are about personality not policy.

I think we ought to wait and see what, if anything, comes out of Georgia. That’s a much stronger case, the centerpiece of which is Trump,-on tape-, conspiring to steal an election.

That’s because you think he was taking a shot at him.


I thought DeSantis response was perfect.

For forum libs I used CNN.


Me too. But it was a shot taken.

I agree. Subtle, funny too.

So I’m not sure what others are talking about unless I’m missing something.


He was (“I wouldn’t know anything about paying hush money to porn stars”)

Nah…the delivery was all wrong.

Awkward, not smooth.

That is your opinion. He was asked what he thought about it. He could of said the sky is green and you would think the ssme thing.


I thought it was alright. It was a humorous jab, but he kept the straight face and let the audience do the laughing.

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Just as weak as the NY travesty. All you have on tape is Trump asking someone to find enough votes to put him over the top. The part about manufacturing extra votes is, well, manufactured.
Don’t count on this one.

DeSantis can be critical without sounding like an angry fourth grader. That’s his biggest plus over Trump.
Or at least I hope it’s a plus.


We’ll see. I think a jury hears it as election fraud.

Oh, is that all ? :neutral_face:

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I’m hoping someone other than trump wins, but I’d vote for trump…. I just don’t like his manner, or his vocabulary. Sometimes it’s funny, but not what I think of representing the nation.


Gonna be nonstop attacks on Ron by Trump.

Now that Ron DeSanctimonious is finally admitting he’s in the Race by beginning to fight back, and now that his Polls have crashed so he has no other choice, let me explain the facts. He is, for a Republican, an average Governor, he got 1.2 million less Votes in Florida than me, he fought for massive cuts in Social Security and Medicare, and wanted Social Security minimum age to be raised to 70-years-old, or more. He is a disciple of Paul Ryan, and did whatever Ryan told him to do.

Florida has been successful for many years, long before I put Ron there—It’s amazing what Ocean and Sunshine will do! Surprise, Ron was a big Lockdown Governor on the China Virus, sealing all beaches and everything else for an extended period of time, was Third Worst in the Nation for COVID-19 Deaths (losing 86,294 People), Third Worst for Total Number of Cases, at 7,516,906. Other Republican Governors did MUCH BETTER than Ron and, because I allowed them this “freedom,” never closed their States. Remember, I left that decision up to the Governors!

For COVID Death Rates Per State, Ron, as Governor of Florida, did worse than New York. In Education, Florida ranks among the worst in the Country and on crime statistics, Florida ranked Third Worst in Murder, Third Worst in Rape, and Third Worst in Aggravated Assault. For 2022, Jacksonville was ranked as one of the Top 25 Major Crime Cities in the Country, with Tampa and Orlando not doing much better. On Education, Florida ranks #39 in Health & Safety in the Country, #50 in Affordability, and #30 in Education & Childcare, HARDLY GREATNESS THERE! The fact is, Ron is an average Governor, but the best by far in the Country in one category, Public Relations, where he easily ranks Number One—But it is all a Mirage, just look at the facts and figures, they don’t lie—And we don’t want Ron as our President!

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Yet people are still leaving the liberal he’ll holes and moving to Florida.

Not exactly a follower of Reagan’s eleventh commandment.

Nope- its gonna be endless. It does look like its having an effect in the polls and DeSantis has to find a way to not let Trump’s smears cause his downfall.