Trump undergoing physical at Walter reed

A little surprised this wasn’t a topic as the presidents health is of utmost importance.

Hush hush as it was not publicly announced.

Hope all is okay.


You know he is the healthiest, most fit president ever. Why the need for a physical?

I don’t buy this story.

Well he has been under major stress.

The human body can only take so much.



Even cnn is saying it’s his annual physical.

Don’t worry though. I’m sure some brennan stooge spy will leak the results before long.

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I hope he’s OK and that it’s just an annual physical.

Stories…stories for sale. Get your stories here. Stories…stories for sale. :sunglasses:

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Wasn’t fat donald at Walter Reed this past February?
Also, this “physical “ wasn’t on his schedule.

Prayers :pray:t2:

Why would it be big news until the exam is over and results are in?

He’s offering his medical expertise…it’s the best medical expertise ever.

The man’s in his seventies, super overweight and subsists on fast food and Doet Coke. Could be a lotta stuff.

Keeping your fingers crossed?

We just had Cottage Cheese and canned Peaches. Very trumplike

Astonishingly excellent health.

There are only a couple of people I wish death on and they’re people who have personally wronged me very deeply. Why would I want dude to die?

Besides, I’ve already made my prediction, which is resigning due to a not strictly true medical incapacity if this gets bad enough.

Who goes to the hospital for their annual physical? I know I don’t.

Ha h ha ha ha ha ha :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

“Almost” superhuman.

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Pretty much every president since Roosevelt.