Trump tweets quote calling ex-CIA chief a 'liar'

If you guys know a guy (or kid for that matter) who constantly lies, and then they call other people liars, what do you think?

Anyway, Trump burns more bridges than Terrell Owens. Not that he needs some ex-CIA director but the pattern is to trash everyone that doesn’t bathe his feet.

And to be fair to Trump, if you’d lied as much as him, and had run as many scams as him, you’d have to be uber aggressive. That’d be your only way out. Well, unless he’s clean.

He is a liar.

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Trump calls a member of the DC swamp a liar? I’m sorry what’s the issue with that?

Trump is a liar.

Oh the irony lol

Yes. Yes he is.

Trump is a liar but that doesn’t mean all that he says is a lie. That’s where discernment comes into play.

Are you suggesting that I’m a liar? That’s weird. You asked what the issue was. The issue is a proven and chronic liar calling someone else a liar. You’re welcome.

Agreed. Do you take him seriously when he calls other people liars?

No, just calling out the irony of you doing exactly what Trump did.

You know what he didn’t lie about? His campaign promises.

Not always but in this case…Brennan and his shenanigans were/are a serious problem to our nation that must be fully exposed and dealt with.

There’s nothing wrong with calling a liar a liar. When one lies all the time, though, one might want to refrain.

They all lie. They’re all hypocrites.

I find the constant golfing more hypocritical.

I didn’t say that every word out of his mouth is a lie so I’m not sure what your point is. He lies so often, though, that I do tend to take everything he says with a boulder-size grain of salt.

I don’t think we know that for sure, but I agree that if he broke the law it should be exposed.

Yes, the golf thing is more hypocrisy than lie. Trump lies more than most politicians, though, or at least more than any politician I’ve encountered.

Agreed and I realize I don’t know much of anything “for sure” except…I love my wife. :sunglasses:


The DC swamp attacks Trump almost daily. Some seem to think Trump should just sit there like a punching bag like George Bush did and take the hits without hitting back. Well that’s not Trump so deal with it.

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My point is he didn’t lie about what he promised to do if elected. The one thing that really matters to the people who voted for him. In that, he’s different.

And it will probably get him re-elected.

They will overlook a lot of bad things for kept campaign promises.