Trump tweets quote calling ex-CIA chief a 'liar'

So did the campaign/Russia investigation start with the dossier, with Papadopolous, or with analysis performed based on information received from various intelligence agencies? Which is it this morning?

And why would the FBI be sent “analysis” that isn’t evidence? Shouldn’t investigations begin with evidence?

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Does he? I disagree.

I think it’s more of a case of not having a respect for the details of the truth and being a horrible communicator. And he honestly doesn’t have a clue about the law or “how things work.”

He doesn’t care.

He’s crude, lewd and completely socially unacceptable. He’s also giving them what he said he would.

If he started an investigation that has tied up much of the last two years based on his “analysis” then that is a problem that should be investigated even if it is legal. He is too biased when it comes to Trump to start an investigation based on his own analysis.

I agree that sets him apart but I don’t think it’s going to get him re-elected.

There’s no way to quantify it, but I certainly think he cares less about being truthful than previous presidents.

He promised to end crime and violene. Hasn’t done that.
He promised Mexico would pay for a wall. Hasn’t done that.
He promised to drain the swamp. Hasn’t done that.
He promised our allies would love us. Hasn’t done that.
He promised us he’d not make money off the presidency. Hast done that.

List could go on and on.

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Nothing is stopping Republicans from looking into this that I’m aware of. The investigation obviously has merit, though.

His lies are definitely more outrageous and less subtle than many of the others. But how about:
Sniper fire in the runway?
If you like your plan you can keep your plan?

Were those not outrageous lies? Trump level even?

Policy or Personality? Style or Substance?

Obama was the better person. Which is the better President probably depends on your politics.

Are the Dems going to have a hard time with him on policy?

He wasn’t talking to you.



you are out of your league if you are posting about the innate veracity of the CIA.

All the intelligence agencies legitimize lying. Protection of classified information is not limited to hiding it from public view. It sometimes requires covering it up, masking it, saying false things about it, creating cover stories … all in the interest of national security of course.

And I’m not opposed to that … unless someone at Brennan’s level defined a political exigency as “national security”.

Yes, Trump is such a victim.

He doesn’t get to be president to only those that like him.

I don’t disagree. I just don’t believe he believes he’s “lying” because those are “unimportant little details.” It’s a mindset I saw in very senior level business people in the 90s. Hip shooters.

I think the golfing may be trolling. I doubt he even enjoys it.

Yeah he does. They all do. Obama did it with obamacare. Bush did it with bailouts.

No he’s not.

They’ve been looking into that collusion thing for two years and zip. If they come up with something like documentation of releasing emails in return for ending sanctions, then fine, Brennan was right. So far it is garbage like somebody talked to some Russian and then said they had never talked to a Russian.
And all you have to do is listen to Brennan and Clapper and know their Trump hate was so strong they should have recused themselves from anything related to Trump.

Those were outrageous lies no doubt. I can go back to GHW Bush and come up with presidential lies off the top of my head. I think Trump does it more often, though, and he does it with gusto.

I absolutely agree Dems will have a hard time arguing against Trump on policy. That’s what lost them the last election, in my opinion. Trump mostly talked about policy, and Hillary mostly talked about what an ■■■■■■■ Trump is. The Dems still seem to be talking more about Trump than policy that will help Americans, and if they don’t change they’ll lose again.

I was being sarcastic.

….and the departments that supposedly Congress has oversight over, has stonewalled and not complied with their requests for information.