Trump trial thread

Oh boy, during his daily " outside the courtroom rants" he said so what Nda’s are legal everyone does it.
This contradicts his defense in court that he had nothing to do with it or that was what the payment was for.
Can you at least acknowledge he is his own worst enemy at times.

no. it is using the judges position as one who’s family members are benefitting from the trial to impugn the judge (who should have recused)

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The people who brought the selective persecution….



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he has never said he had nothing to do with the NDA. Do you get your info from Cohen? you really shouldn’t believe that guy.

Well we can see your hatred of trump since that is all you post. Kind of weird that someone who does not live in the United States spends all their time here posting trump hate. Makes me wonder if you were here before but from a different country?

Pointing out the shadiness of people Trump employed for years doesn’t help him any imho.

Do elaborate I’m interested in where this fictional conspiracy theory is gonna go.

Looks like you just proved me right.

your opinion is irrelevant

It may come as some shock to realise that the most powerful man on earth affects the rest of the world.
So there is that.

You already outed yourself no need to double down.

How many players in this kabuki have gag orders?


How? How does Donald Trump affect you in Ireland one iota?


Threat to Nato and therefore European security as a whole.
Allowing Putin Ukraine and with that emboldened to go after other EU countries with the backing of the US who were always sworn enemies of the Russia.
This maga view makes no sense, siding with an enemy.

Time for Europe to take care of themselves. I am tired of paying for your defense. Time for you all to pony up the cash and pay for your own wars. Maybe give up a few of your government perks ot pay for your wars or give up another chunk of your paycheck. I am tired of giving up my hard-earned money to finance your health care and wars.

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Lol i love outrage posts.

Such a lame excuse for election fraud.

How is that ■■■■ going?

I hear Cohen ■■■■ the bed today.

That’s great and while you’re in the “let the whole world burn, nothing to do with us” state of mind you can slice the military budget and afford all that stuff because why would you need it anymore.
What the rest of the world does has nothing to do with you, right.

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I’m rendering my opinion.

That is not an opinion.