Trump trial thread

CNN is now reporting that Trump’s legal team is considering putting Costello on the stand. One of the first questions anyone has to ask is why this witness has not come forward previously?

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There we go then. Trumps lawyers must be monitoring this thread :grinning:

Don’t forget to keep regurgibleating about J6 too.

…said the Brandonite. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

No doubt!

This trial is about keeping Trump tied up in court, forcing him to spend a bunch of money, keeping him off the campaign trail, giving stormy Daniels a chance to make up a bunch of stuff that may or may not be true to slander his reputation, to be a part of the giant Democrat party pile on to keep the worst president ever Joe Biden in power…if they get a conviction that’s a bonus.

I don’t honestly think democrats care about the damage they are doing to our justice system as long as they can destroy one man and keep the pathetic Joe Biden in power.

These other cases are all collapsing…this one should never have been brought based on the multiple times other potential prosecutors rejected it, the statute of limitations having run, the ridiculous reality that this stupid case is based on some stupid twisted legal theory that Alvin Bragg plucked out of his expansive butt, (and yes the fact that the judges daughter has raised millions of dollars off of this farce is absolutely relevant)…

That’s what this case is about.

This trial has nothing to do with justice…and certainly nothing to do with saving the country from a horrible criminal.

Earlier this week that dumbass Bragg actually downgraded the charges against the vicious gangbangers who beat up those NY cops a while back while he is running this false prosecution of a former president which is based on kooky legal theory that saw him upgrade a misdemeanor in order to take Trump to court. Those are the screwball priorities of Alvin Bragg and the democrats.

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if the prosecution put forth evidence that they knew was false before they put it on, isn’t that a crime?

This case is bout business fraud. The other cases are not collapsing. The Republican politicians on the Supreme Court are delaying the J6 trial to aid Trump’s election and the judge in the documents trial is doing everything in her power to prevent that case from going to trial.

Let’s talk about who is using the judicial system for political ends.

If she is not a part of the trial it shouldn’t matter.

He did speak in grand jury. He has been hamstrung with client lawyer privilege that has now been waived.


That’s embarrassing when the answer was so obvious.

You are correct that if she wa snot part of the case it should not matter. However, she was brought up as a reason for the judge to recuse himself, which is part of the case, so you point is irrelevant to the matter at hand.

Yes and he proved he couldn’t be impartial by gag order someone who is not part of it. He has mentioned many people did, the judge selectively gag him on those people?

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If she is not part of the trial why would anyone mention her in the context of the trial?

Use your brain that is what it is for. Not repeating myself to you.

You aren’t making a very good argument.

Talk about babbling. You’re the king. Defending the sicko in the white house in one thread showering with his daughter. Defending election interference in another. Almost forgot about you going after trumps wife making up stories about her. Even after she put out a message about why she is not attending trumps partisan trail.
Seems the democrats can’t win on ideas so they turn to election interference and lies. Democrats are more and more like putin every day. You get your orders from your Gods and you run to the internet and post. For what a senile old pervert. Shows who believes their party is more important than the country.

lol. What an ironic post.

No you are trolling. Been answered many time in this thread and I know you know it.

when Cohen is the star witness?
Stormy Daniels is back up?

The bar can’t get lower