Trump trial thread

Did I miss a thread? First time in history a former President is up on trial…seems like we should discuss it.

One interesting part - Trump and the National Inquire were working together to eliminate any negative stories about him. Smacks of fake news…

Former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker testified that he agreed to help former President Trump’s 2016 campaign in a variety of ways on Tuesday.

Pecker, a witness for the prosecution, testified that he met with Trump and former lawyer Michael Cohen in 2015 after Trump announced his presidential run. He said he told Trump that he would be willing to publish positive stories about his campaign and run negative stories about his oppenents.

He also said he could be “the eyes and ears” of Trump’s campaign when it came to killing salacious stories brought forward by any women. He said he thought it was likely that some women would come forward in an effort to sell their stories given Trump’s history of being an “eligible bachelor” and “dating beautiful women.”

He said he promised to notify Cohen if any such stories arose, and that he would work to have them killed in other magazines. If that failed, he said someone would have to purchase the story and have it go unpublished.

Pecker emphasized that the agreement was to remain a secret, and he instructed Enquirer bureau chiefs that all stories relating to Trump had to be vetted by him personally before publication.


Lot of testimony today about suppressing the truth to help Trump get elected.

Anybody who has in the least bit followed Trump over the years knows what type of man he is and knows that it would take a lot of truth-suppressing to keep him in any sort of public favor.

Oddly, it didn’t take very much, because it turned out that a huge segment of Republicans actually got a big charge out of his shortcomings. I wouldn’t have guessed that to happen, but it did.

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This will make no difference to the Maga crowd they will just say its perfectly acceptable for someone to suppress anything and everything in pursuit of political office.

It sounds like the hearing on the gag order was pretty brutal. As I understand it, the Judge in this case might have to render the sentence if Trump is found guilty. Seems to me that Trump and Co. would want to stay in this Judges’ good graces.

Drugs for the junkies. :rofl:


Won’t be the last.


it also perfectly acceptable to violate a gag order over and over and over……


well there the washington Dc trial, the georgia trial and the florida trial

so you are correct.



But the lawyer has a demanding client…the only explanation for him continuing with a line that the judge clearly wasn’t buying is, Trump insisted he take that tack.

The “National Enquirer” is not what I’d label as a forceful proprietor of news and if it does, it doesn’t go down the road of credibility. Second…he’s a witness for the prosecution. Yeah…so straight up. Nothing to see here folks in the area of a weaponized, government judicial system being used to influence our elections. It is both amazing and disappointing to witness the complete and almost total sheoplization of Americans.

Here…lemme provided the Readers Digest version of the OP. Ready?

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Exactly. Real news organizations don’t pay for “catch and kills” to help their political friends. The Enquirer was Trump’s only possible “news” ally in this behavior.

We’ve had 30 plus years of evidence showing that Donald Trump is bad. Indeed, his behavior grows worse over time.

The cult is impervious to that evidence.



Dems loved Trump until he decided to run against the hillary.

But I know that this thread is so lefties will feel better about their hate for Trump and to convince themselves that Trump is a “bad bad man” so carry on with your agenda.


How was this love expressed?

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Really? You are aware of the NYT, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC…etc, etc, etc and you said that with a straight face? You look at things with one eye closed.


Look more TDS crack …


It’s clear from the fact that all of his notable forays into presidential politics (1988, 2000, 2016) have been with the Reform Party and the Republican Party, but not the Democratic party for some mysterious reason.

But this kind of gibberish may be a leading indicator of the inevitable moment that MAGA labels Trump a big liberal Democrat and claims that the liberals 100% responsible for his epochal political sewer fire.


They loved him as long as he was writing checks.

But I won’t bother you lefties in your hate trump circular firing squad.

Echo Echo Echo.

Evidence that they have caught and killed stories to help a candidate?

We can see from this thread that Trump was correct when he said that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any voters.

I’d actually go a step further and say some of his voters would actually say the person who got shot must have been a member of the “deep state” because they didn’t get out of the way of the bullet, thereby trying to besmirch the reputation of Trump.

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Republicans received $630,150 in donations from Trump between 2011 and 2015, while Democrats received $8,500.