Trump told CPB Head He Would Pardon Him if he Broke the Law


Oh look…we have another lib making personal insult.


How would you prefer that I call out your misunderstanding?


By presenting facts to prove I’m wrong instead of making a personal cheap shot knowing that I am unable to reply in kind.


Is that right?

“From here on out I’m going to police my own threads. Stick to topic, stop the personal insults and attacks, and stop with spamming and deflecting.”


Seems to me you made it personal towards him too.


That’s not even close to personal. You’re better than that.


Yes, I do.


Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest


Nope. The only people who think Donald is funny are his supporters. And every time he says or tweets something stupid the laughter coming from his base carries increasing undertones of desperation.

Bad enough Donald’s a clown - he’s also not a very funny one.


I think he’s hilarious…not so much what he says…but by respond from libs.


And there it is. You’re exactly right - nothing Donald says is funny, but Trumpists LOVE that he pisses non-Trumpists off. Their laughter isn’t for Donald’s absent sense of humor so much as to mock his critics.


There’s literally no way to construe that as an attack. Talking TO another person, or correctly describing something they say is not a personal attack.

“Grow up” is a personal attack.


How deep does this rabbit hole go?


The world has become grey and dull…life has no meaning…food has lost its flavor. There is no pleasure from sex, tv has turned into 24 hours of caillou.


Since we all know you use lib as an insult can you kindly stop advocating that you are a victim here on hannity…?

Nobody buys your arguments on insults here…you come on here…insult people by calling them libs and as soon as someone punches back you run to snow.

Which in a sense is actually baiting people. We all know your game conan. You can stop now and act like an adult who wants to talk about things.

I miss goose…he would have told you to knock it off by now.


It’s insult…insinuating that he needed to be told how and what to think to confirm his own bias.


Lib is my definition of authoritarian that hides behind the label of liberalism.

As soon as libs start practicing actual liberalism I will stop.

And for the record using that terminology before Goose was a member of this forum…about a month if my memory serves me correct.


You use it as an insult and you know it conan. I know your game…punch libs and then scream victim when they punch back.

Doesnt matter when you were using it. I used to be able to call you a hypocrite without getting in trouble on this board…

Now everything is up in the air depending on a whim…


Isn’t that what Republican media has entertained with for 30 years?


Take it up with the mods.

Oh and I want to add something else. Forum conservatives don’t have a problem of me using repugs when republican/Conservative behave like little authoritarians.

Now ask yourself why is that?