Trump told CPB Head He Would Pardon Him if he Broke the Law

I dont care that you use the term lib…i have a problem with the hypocrisy.

Why would i run to the mods? So i can read you claim yo be a victim while running to the mods?

Whatever it really doesnt matter…dying forum…this place dies or i get banned and ill just create a Twitter account and never have to bother with a tos ever again…

Nope-it’s means he’s been waiting for a source that agrees with him in order to legitimize his beliefs. It’s called confirmation bias. It’s a real thing.

Not a personal attack.

But we get the double standard.

An entire Administration ago…drip, drip, drip :sunglasses:

Of course.

And when Huber and Little Rock turn up nothing, what next?

Allow me to make a prediction…both the Huber and Horrowitz report will be explosive to the narrative you’ve been peddling for the last several years. I can wait…just as I already have. What I truly believe is, you are a nice guy that’s been led down the wrong path and it is my sincerest hope that the truth in these reports will awaken and unite the sleeping giant of “right and wrong” that is the common denominator of most of us here in Hannity Land.

What narrative have I been peddling?

That’s the problem. You’re looking for an outcome, not the truth.

Ya got me there but if the outcome I’m believing is the truth, turns out not to be, I’ll still be content with finally knowing…the truth.

Code talk and you don’t think people who say stuff like that are a little off their rocker? Who is it that gets to determine if it’s code talk or not? Is there a book same where that tells us what the code words are?
I think everyone in DC have lost their minds.
If the left and their acting stooges in the house tell the military to gun down Trump supporters because they are such deplorable people should they?

You got it. A conspiracy is, by it’s very nature, surreptitious, secretive, hidden. This was not any of those things.

You seem to forget such classics as Fast and Stupid: Guns Adrift.

They all have codes.

Thanks to Trump’s tweets, we have the most transparent administration in history. I like it, don’t you?

Ah yes, more anonymous sources from CNN.

Trump is the joke. It’s just over some people’s heads.

They really like the peas?

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It worked for Henry II.

And every boss everywhere. It’s called plausible deniability and they live on it.

transparent? that’s a stretch. Should any politician let alone the president, govern by Tweet?

Sure, why not. Has Trump had a thought he didn’t tweet? I think it’s great.

CNN, get back to me when you get confirmation from a legit news source.

Your source is CNN. Do you have an alternative and preferably reliable source?