Trump told CPB Head He Would Pardon Him if he Broke the Law


You will absolutely love the source that poster depends upon for truth…


Are you better?


Thank you my friend. Everyone enjoy and point out what she said, even years ago, that is today…incorrect?


You’re a conspiracy theorist. There’s no reason to point out anything to you. You’ll just change the subject or use one of your middle school sayings.


My “conspiracy” of yesterday is now becoming the reality of all of us today.


You’ve mentioned so many conspiracies on this board I’m sure one had to have come true.


Everyone except Trump haters. Do any of you have anti-Trumpers in your family? Have you noticed they have lost their sense of humor and laugh at nothing anymore?


GW…there was a thread I started on the old forum in November or December of 2016 regarding the collusion of the top federal agencies that were being used for political purposes. Is there any chance of retrieving that?


Nice of you to show up. So long and farewell to you and Bigbear.


Nope. Sorry.


Fair enough. I was labeled a conspiracist for that one and it would be very interesting to read the responses today, of what posters said back then.


Why would that be interesting? There’s no more to the conspiracy today than there was 2.5 years ago, other than a AG willing to look keep looking into it. Like we had Rs willing to keep looking into Benghazi and finding the same thing over and over again.

Where’s the Huber report?

Oh, and did we ever find out what was going on in Little Rock?


I agree. We need to see both the Huber report and the upcoming Horrowitz report due in May or June? The comment of Barr, confirming “spying” was the basis of my thread.


Oh, so like I said…just needed an AG to say the words you wanted to hear. Like having investigation after investigation into Benghazi until we get the “right” answer.

So what about Little Rock?


Grow up.


Not a good response.


If you’re going to make claims and cry wolf constantly, then don’t lash out when you’re taken to task and expected to answer for those claims.

You’ve drip dripped about collusion among top federal agencies

You called those who disagreed with your no-evidence conspiracies “sheople.”

You’ve been telling us for months+ about a Huber report that will break the lid off this stuff.

You told me, last December, there was something going down in Little Rock.

If you’re expecting people to take the cries of “wolf, wolf” seriously, then at some point, there has to be a wolf. So where’s the wolf?


I sit on the sidelines of life and watch the parade go by. There are so many floats, with crazy people and crazy ideas. What I try to do, is look through this fog of craziness and connect the dots of reality. Those that can not do this, who are sitting beside me, sound like you right now. Hence my response…grow up.


If that’s how you want to justify the lashing out personal attack, then so be it. All I’ve done is press you to answer for claims you’ve made. And you went personal rather than actually answering for it. And it’s not the first, or second, or third, or last time this has happened.

So are you just going to keep going personal, or are you going to actually, for once, substantiate a claim you’ve made?

And so you know, I’m not flagging these lashing out personal attacks. I have no doubt if I had said it, though, it would have been.


The wolf is a cat north of the border.