Trump told CPB Head He Would Pardon Him if he Broke the Law


You did understand that this was never put into effect, right? Even if doing it would be such an abuse, saying it would not.


People who want open borders have such a strange obsession with “brown”.

We already know about the obsession with Trump.


What else would you expect centgov to say?


Nothing else. You think the left hates our “law enforcement” agencies now?


To some extent, sure. Presidents making so called jokes like that however have real world consequences.


Sometimes, sure.


If you commit the crime, you won’t do the time - fat donald

So, not technically illegal. :rofl:


Who are these people that want open borders? Any folks in particular?


I doubt that Trump was just joking. Remember that he really did pardon former Sheriff Arpaio.


Who wants open borders?

Oh, you mean folks who want proper border protection, not just some symbolic wall.


Better hurry…


I’ll move as quickly as Republicans did from 2016 to 2018.


No. Trump supporters are the joke.


We are a nation of laws…trump supporters…

Im glad to see that was lie


It doesn’t get any more reliable than…“two sources told CNN”.:thinking::rofl:


Uh. We’ve seen the sources that you’ve used here recently. Do you really wanna go down that path?


My Canadian kitty is much, much, much more reliable that CNN and yeah…let’s do it.


Okay guys, he asked for it…


I can’t wait to find out what Canadian kitty it. Sounds legit. The anticipation is killing me.


If you go to YouTube, her name that she goes by is The Truth Factory. Please enjoy, I do.