Trump To Visit Pittsburgh After Synagogue Shooting Despite City Leaders'

They asked trump not to come to Pittsburgh. He’s going anyway. Now the city has to figure out how to deal with him and his entourage while they are mourning their dead. Thanks, trump.

Whose dead? They are our dead… America’s dead. And I am sending my president to mourn our dead.

They’re not “your” dead.

He’s going to make it about him.


Never fear. If he didn’t go they would be bitching about how he doesn’t give a ■■■■■ etc. etc.

He’s never going to do anything right in their little world anyway.


If they are Americans, they are our dead.


That doesn’t even make sense. The people of Pittsburgh don’t want him there.

Every person in Pittsburgh doesn’t want him there? Or just the progressive Anti-Trump Bend the Arc and the outspoken Mayor?

I think you overstate the numbers in your claim.

Well, trump is known for his comforting words. They’d be fools not to want him there.

Better get cracking on beating this guy down. How dare he make sense,

Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, who survived the attack at the synagogue, said he would be honored to meet with any U.S. president. Myers told The Washington Post on Monday that if Trump comes to Pittsburgh, “I welcome him as an American. He is the president.”

“Hate is not political. It is not blue or red, it’s not male or female, it doesn’t know any of those divisions,” Myers said. “The hate rhetoric in our country is a real problem. I’ve seen examples in the last 24 hours. I chose to take the polite and respectful path. . . . Hate is all around us, and people are oblivious to it. The hateful letters and e-mails about the president are just a renewed reminder of how divisive and painful this is.”


Meeting with and showing up at funerals are not the same thing.

I don’t see where it says he is showing up at funerals.

Let’s hope he has a good hair day.


It’s a cluster ■■■■ everywhere he goes, so I want him there.

Just let him do a rally at the edge of town. That’s his schtick. Then send Fat Donald home.

Or better yet, let’s bring in a president who promotes white nationalism less than a week after one of his supporters mowed down a Jewish synagogue. Yep, Trump’s presence in Pittsburgh will comfort the nation.

It’s the most tweetable city right now anyway.

He has been welcomed by the Rabbi of the synagogue where this happened. He is the President and represents the government of the United States. If he considers it his duty to make an appearance here, I agree with him.
I understand that this is to the dismay of those who want to use this tragedy for political purposes.


He’s never going to do anything right in his little wirld.

From a recent essay by said Rabbi:

[quote=Rabbi Myers] Despite continuous calls for sensible gun control and mental health care, our elected leaders in Washington knew that it would fade away in time. Unless there is a dramatic turnaround in the mid-term elections, I fear that that the status quo will remain unchanged, and school shootings will resume.

Soon enough those who are up for re-election will be on the campaign trail, seeking your dollars and your support. Will you ask them the hard questions, and tell them that you will hold them to their words, or that they should seek a different sort of employment? Will the new freshmen class of Congress learn to just yes us continually until the roar fades to a whimper, which is apparently rule #2 in the Congressional handbook? We all know rule #1, and look where that has gotten us to. Our school students deserve better. Immigrant families deserve better. We deserve better. [/quote]

Despite being the ideological and personality opposite of the president (ie, a liberal; good person), Rabbi Myers is proving his magnanimity.

I’m hoping the Rabbi takes this opportunity to “ask the hard questions.”

Informative thread.
I’ve learned that the “people of Pittsburgh” consist of about 4 people- the mayor and 3 Jews who meet at the bagel shop every Wednesday. That’s good information to have.