Trump to sign order to interpret Judaism as a nationality

This executive order should hold up well in court… Anyone remember when executive orders were considered a bad thing?

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That was stupid.

If…there was ever a case where this would apply, it’s the nation of Israel?

Looks like it worked. Libs bawling again.




Remember when there was supposed to be a seperation between chirch and state?

Is that not what just happened?

And no.

If this is to address anti-semitism, why is it needed? To protect converts?

Jacob’s name became Israel and included all 12 tribes. Judah was what was left after the division that formed after the reign of Solomon.

I changed it to play the game. Judah became a separate kingdom (nation)

Judaism isn’t a nationality anymore than Christianity, Buddhism, Muslim, Wiccan, Zooasterian, etc…etc.

There can be reasonable criticisms of the BDS movement… but this “remedy” is nowhere near being rational.

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June 16th, 2015 everything changed.

World Upside Down Sickness!

Everything many on the Right hated, just absolutely hated about President Barack Hussein Obama, from his golfing to all of his “unconstitutional” EO’s suddenly became cool, acceptable, and on occasion even preferable in a president.

The World done turned upside down.


This is ridiculous. If his goals were pure -He could simply push a bill that adds religion to title 9. THere was a bill with broad bipartisan support in 2016 he could support. But that would protect all religions so he doesnt do that.
Instead - he has this stupid EO that once again, tries to imply that Jews are not Americans.
Listen -I am a American. My Nationality is AMERICAN. My religion is Jewish.
Jews dont want this, we didnt ask for it, and it feeds into the old stereotype that “Jews are not patriotic. They are disloyal”



Yeah… I doubt that this will hold up under legal scrutiny since it confers rights to one religion over all others.



My first thought is that its not governments place to change what words mean and enshrine non-factual interpretations of words.

But then I remember that it was a court that defined a tomato as a vegetable and not a fruit.

Is the purpose of this to equate any criticism of Israel’s secular political policies as an attack on religion? If so, that’s a dangerous precedent to set.

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Judaism is an ethnicity. Arguably a nationality. The Soviet Passport even identified it as such. They are not the only ones in history.

i have friends whose geneology identifies them as 100% ashkenazi jews