Trump to sign order to interpret Judaism as a nationality

Hopefully this move will help Donald Trump secure more of the Jewish vote in November. It baffles me why so many of them vote for libs.

How dare they try to protect a minority of people from discrimination in this country. lol

I don’t know how much interaction you guys have with actual Jews but many immigrant Jews identify as being ethnically Jewish.

Yeah… the huge problem is that this assumes that “Jews” are a monolith and are all happy with the policies of the State of Israel.

I don’t think that this is pandering to a Jewish base, but to his Evangelical base that supports Netanyahu because Netanyahu = Israel.

I think this assessment is spot on.

Please tell me more about how Real Jews fell. Us fake Jews are dying to know

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Fascinating. You wanna try that again? Or I guess I can respond once I wipe the sarcasm off my screen

What will it mean when he declares Islam a nationality?

I agree he is pandring. Being ethinically Jewish does not actually mean of Israel. Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews as ethnic identifiers have little to do with current day Israel.

You think? I’m a Jew. My BF is Christian. We are BOTH Americans. I wasn’t born Jewish, I converted many years ago. I do not want my “nationality” to change. I know of no Jew who comprehends why this is happening. The thought is that Jews will vote republican because trump executes an executive order is laughable. I think it will backfire and cause the gop what little support they have from Jews to disappear.

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Thanks for actually proving my points. Yup, places that want to isolate Jews because they see them as a threat, like the Soviet Union among others do require Jews identify as Jews on a passport.
You want this for Americans?
You think everyone should have to put their religion passports or just Jews because they are the ones that aren’t really Americans??


Bad idea. The Soviets and the Nazi’s did the same, didn’t work out well as I recall.


If that’s the goal why not just push for the anti semtism awareness act of 2016 which would extend protections of title 9 to all religions??


What nation?

I was born Jewish. Raised Jewish. My kids are Jewish. My family is Jewish. Many friends are Jewish.
We did not want this and all of us are frankly insulted and pissed off by it.
Even a few that voted for him.


I don’t know, it appears as though libs will whine about anything anyway, and it’s about time they got back to their roots of complaining about Jews getting the same protections as other minorities and how Israel secretly controls the US, and how we’re fighting their wars in the Mid Easy for them.

The lib golden years have long since passed into revised history. :rofl:

Would American Jews be able to apply for dual citizenship? I admit I didn’t read the entire article so maybe I missed it.

No I don’t want this for Americans, I would like however for people to understand that some Jews self-identify as ethnically Jewish. It stems from a history of both isolation and prosecution. However, it also comes from self-imposed cultural isolation.

I am not trying to argue the wrong or the right of the executive order. This is a long standign issue i have where people don’t understand that SOME or MANY immigrant Jews who are first generation immigrant Jews SELF-identify as ethnically Jewish.

Again even genetic testing like 23 and me identifies people as being genetically Jewish. That’s what i am talking about.

Thank your for respond with this first post by the way. I mean that.

Originally? Due to the diaspora. Israel. Currently not so much.

I cannot agree more. I’m wondering if trump talked to American Jews or simply came up with this plan to appease pro-Israel Christians. What’s next, changing my passport? Adding :star_of_david: To my drivers license? Do you all see what’s happening?

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