Trump to Revoke States Authority to Set Air Pollution Standards -- Washington First!

In a classic demonstration of the core conservative belief that politicians in Washington understand the policies that should be set at state level better than anyone in the states do, Trump is planning to revoke the waiver California has enjoyed from federal clean air standards for decades.

The auto companies don’t want this; the affected states don’t want this. But nothing should stand in the way of federal power exercised from DC.

Great to see Republican and conservative principles dissolve in the hope of achieving short term gains.

The article is fairly humorous… this is actually a fallback position for Trump because the work of imposing a complete rollback of standards has proven too hard for his team of “none but the best people.”

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Would love to read the story, but it’s behind a good paywall. Even incognito won’t get past it.

I’m against this.

I say let CA regulate and tax themselves out of existance.


Agreed, I live in LA and I don’t want to go back to the daily smog alerts when I couldn’t see 100 yards in front of me due to the suffocating smog.

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Good ol’ conservative states rights.

BTW cons, what good does this serve?

Ah you mean California will no longer dictate the terms of other states?

Cool beans.


Large markets have an influence. Texas holds tremendous sway over textbooks.

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States rights!!?

Dictate? How?


Our corpulent Commander in Chief once more intends to truly act as the Empirical President some Right Wing Nuts have always warned us about and now he is getting cheered on by many on the Right for behaving as he does.

Corpulent Donald literally wants dirtier air for generations to come, he literally wants dirtier water for generations to come, he literally wants dirtier land for generations to come.

I am surprised he hasn’t talked about beautiful asbestos at one of his rallies, or beautiful mercury, or beautiful arsenic?

Don’t you know setting THEIR OWN standards dictates those standards for other states.

You could have seen it spelled out here in the OP’s source.

Oh wait. There was nothing in the OP’s source, or anywhere else that spells out California dictates standards for other states. There is though lots of information out there that a number of states voluntarily follow CA emission standards.

They do it because they want to.

Because they want less pollution and higher mileage standards.

The evil socialists!!!

All hail the all powerful Federal Government!! Let’s make the central government all powerful again!

State’s rights? Who needs them??

Just sit back and submit states - the federal government will dictate how you are to make your decisions!

All stupid climate alarmists havent noticed that the entire road traffic cause a little amount of emissions, insignificant for the pollution of the entire atmosphere. The most emissions come from ships and planes traffic. And even the pollution caused by the entire traffic is little in comparison with the pollution caused by coal plants worldwide. Taking the coal plants only, China and India are responsible for the most emissions (each 1.3 bln inhabitants) and so far they do nothing, we can cancel all the efforts in the west (Europe and Northern America together), even if we would reduce entirely our emissions, it would change nothing. Btw, China tried with clean renewable energy, but it simply dont cover their needs, so they will build soon additional 1000 coal plants.
Conclusion: CA is totally stupid !
That climate alarmists are bunch of idiots, their approach to save the planet by restrictions and taxes is the wrong way

Can’t see any real reason for Obese Donald to be mucking around with what has been working just fine, equal too if not often better than the EPA, regarding California air pollution issues and automobiles?

Perhaps it is because he is just the chaos president and can’t stand seeing something that is working, especially in Socialist Leftist California?

Perhaps he believes he is wiping out President Barack Obama legacy deeds?

Perhaps it is because he is planning some California rallies soon and he needs some red meat to help gin up his base in CA and thus guarantee his crowd sizes.

Or I guess it could be that he is just a dumb ass and thinks he knows better than anyone else what America needs.(He doesn’t!)

Mostly I think it is all of the above, with at least 30% of it being he is truly a dumb ass president.

If you listen closely you can hear the last shred of a prime conservative principle being flushed down the toilet.


I only listen to smart climate non alarmists.

So I am good!


Yep - the Republican Party in it’s current iteration has kicked conservatism out of the house, changed all the locks, and then thrown away the key.

And it sure as hell won’t be a Low Flow Toilet!


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You are welcomed to prove wrong the points I made, so far you can…
Picking few words from my post to answer then something childish, it wont help you to make a better argument