Trump to Republicans: Sorry, but You’re Gonna Have to Campaign on Obamacare Repeal

This crap just gets more funny by the second. Now, days after blowhard Trump says one thing, the roller coaster that is Trumpcare is being “worked on”. Are there any idiots in our country that actually believe this crap? Trumpcare. Day One.

"Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) told The Daily Beast he believes the Trump administration “will have the framework for a comprehensive health-care initiative within months.”

“I can tell you he is working, and his administration are working, as if we will bring it up legislatively this year, but pragmatically understand that a future Congress actually deals with it,” said Meadows.

The prediction from Meadows foreshadowed the president’s latest position, which he reportedly made clear on Tuesday night. Appearing at a fundraiser for House Republicans, Trump said he would come up with a health-care plan to run on in 2020 and then put to a vote at the dawn of his second term, should the GOP win control of both houses of Congress."

Just in case any of you are naive, let me clue you in. Trump/Republicans don’t have a plan and won’t have a plan (that’s good).


Lol they havent had a plan in over a decade now they will come up with something by the end of the year lol

Yes they do, you may not like it, but they have one.

Isn’t that the same bill they couldn’t pass when they had the house and senate?

In 2020 Donald will rely on his supporters to buy into the same failed promises he made in 2016.

Isn’t this the one that couldn’t pass when Republicans controlled both houses, the presidency and the judicial branch?


To be fair, Trump voters will vote for him as long as he says 2 things. They could care less how deep in debt he puts their kids, grand kids and great grand kids. They don’t care that Trump is passing a massive burden to them.

It’s why the tea party patriots completely disappeared.

Of all the things that people call fake during this era, the tea party patriots have to be #1 on the list. They lied about their agenda from the very beginning.

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Is that the same one they couldn’t even get a majority vote in the Senate on? The one that costs far more in order to insure millions less people?

Yep. That’s why it’s dated 5/4/2017. :rofl:

How soon we forget…

Right before the 2018 midterms Trump proclaims that birthright citizenship should be removed. Also claims that he has an updated tax plan for the middle class.

Neither was true.

Now he is claiming that he will have a plan… interestingly it won’t be voted on until AFTER the election… sound familiar?

And? The person I was responding to was claiming they didn’t have a plan, that it didn’t exist, not that they couldn’t get it passed, which I wouldn’t have refuted.

These people scream and cry about the cost of Obamacare, and other stuff, while Donald Trump is massively increasing the United States deficit.

They have no integrity.

Exploding deficit. Exploding spending. No ACA repeal. No wall. No hillary in prison. Same macroeconomic trends. Subsidized farming due to trade wars. What exactly has Trump accomplished?

This time ya’ll should believe him.

Sorry i should have said a good plan… You are correct

Actually, they don’t have a plan. They HAD a plan. It failed. They are saying they are working on a new plan, which they have yet to unveil.


which means they don’t have a plan and are banking on a bunch of rubes believing yet another lie.

What’s so great about Obama care? I sure we can come up with a better system than that…

email your favorite politician and tell him to do it.

but, if you want me to save you some time and effort, i’ll let you in on a little secret. Obama stole the conservative plan. then Republicans sabotaged it. Republicans have nothing left.

damn. you’d think at least SOME people would know that by now.


Trump is saying they’ll come up with and release the plan before the election. We’ll see.

he’s lying.