Trump to Republicans: Sorry, but You’re Gonna Have to Campaign on Obamacare Repeal

No, conservatives never had a national plan, one Republican governor had a state level plan. I have no object to states implementing their own plans.

A plan that they cannot pass when they had complete control of the government is the exact same thing as not having a plan.


I’m sure their amazing healthcare plan is right next to those new middle class tax cuts Trump talked about.

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They never had complete control, no matter how often you pretend we don’t know what a super-majority or a filibuster is.

They didn’t need a filibuster or super majority.

They couldn’t even get all of their party behind it.

A plan that you have no chance of passing, even with majority control… isn’t a plan.

It never was

It is theater.


McConnell went nuclear. All they needed was 50 votes + Pence. You know that, right?

So the Republican plan is to repeal protections ASAP and then not vote on a replacement for two years or so. A replacement that we have no real idea as to it’s contents and based totally around Republicans making massive gains in the next election despite losing badly this time.

Sounds great. Really solid.

It’s always so easy, and gonna be done in “just a little bit”. For about 10 years now huh?

Just vote for Trump in 2020 and he’ll finally, at long last, wheel out that excellent healthcare plan that he promised will continue to cover preexisting conditions and lower costs for everyone. Just trust him!

Um… the failed vote did not require a super majority. Really, you can’t even remember a simple fact like that?

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No, there was no nuclear for legislation, that was judges and started by Reid.

Trump made no reference to an existing plan, because it is garbage and was voted into the trash heap. He even named 5 people creating a new plan. So try again!

Looked it up, sorry didn’t follow it at the time, it was using reconciliation and failed by one vote. So they only need to change it enough to bring in one more vote, hardly on the trash heap. And one of the no votes is no longer in the Senate.

Might want to tell Trump then, even he seems to understand that no one wants that garbage bill, which did nothing that he promised and just took a machete to the ACA.

So if they cannot get it passed its not much of a plan. Why not just be honest and admit all you did was google republicans health care plan found the link and posted it without reading it. Instead of playing pedantic word games.

This is completely false… The Heritage foundation plan was a counter to Clinton-care

I didn’t realize the Heritage foundation was all conservatives or indicative of a majority of republican or conservative approval. In addition the heritage plan called for the mandate of a catastrophic plan which it a totally different animal than the ACA.

Lolol you didnt know the Heritage foundation was conservative lol come on now quit joking

He added new words: “all” and “majority.” It completely changes the argument, doesn’t it?

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Here you go