Trump ties with Obama as most admired man

To be expected, especially after the Horowitz’s report exposed the fact Democrats funded Obama’s spygate with the Steele dossier.

Obama needs to testify for what his Administration did!

President Trump is tied with Obama as most admired man-- in an unchanged 70 year old poll where folks write in their answers… yet there’s people who are sceptical and dubious.


The ABC networks probably will either suppress or downplay the results.

This story tickles my ribs :smile:

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I’m sure the poll is accurate.

My question would be what it is every year this poll comes out.

So what?

It’s a popularity contest.

How the hell does one admire Trump? yikes.


yeah. And where am I?? :sunglasses::grin:


I disagree. I think it is a very valid question.

Yes i’m sure the Horowitz report factored heavily into this poll.

The irony is how the hell does one admire Obama???

I think there is a lot to admire with Obama the man.

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With his SC picks he insured the genocide of the unborn would continue at least another generation. Nothing to admire there.

Plus his divisive identity politics and attacks on the 2nd amendment.

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Those are policy. The SCOTUS isn’t going to overturn abortion no matter who is on it. What attacks on the 2nd?

And I said “Obama the man”. Not policy. You have to be able to separate the two, otherwise you are stuck with a horrible person in Trump.

Obama is far and away the better man of the two.

Having said that, Trump has improved a bit since being elected. Maybe.

We’ll have to agree to disagree. I have no respect whatever for Obama.Policy or as a man. Trump has flaws as a man but excellent policies.

p.s. Roe could be overturned with the right court. Any lives saved would be worth it.


Never happen.

It will never happen if we just give up on it. In the meantime the states in a most admirable manner are chipping away at it.


Agreed that it will never happen, but I think we might disagree as to why.

I am more impressed that Melania finished ahead of Oprah and sweet little Greta the climate savior.

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Cons are celebrating the fact that Trump ties with Obama? Obama has been out of office for almost 4 years now. Trump just TIED with him?


I do find it interesting that people admire Trump, the person. I see no other person on the list with multiple baby mamas. Guess that’s cool now with conservatives


It will get worse for them when the facts come out about the Russians never Hacking the DNC server.