Trump Threatens to Sue CNN Over Bias in Reporting

President Trump’s legal team sent a letter to CNN, threatening to sue because of overt bias and negative reporting of the President.

I, for one, am all for 1st Amendment. People wanna be high-profile, then they need to accept that there will be negative press about them. It doesn’t matter the percentage of good press versus bad press.


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That letter is pathetic LOL.



I really, really hope they try.

I hope fat donald goes through with it. The discovery phase would be epic.

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Because they are not news. They are a org devoted to taking out a president. Just like their employee says. It’s on tape.

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This wouldn’t last 30 seconds in front of a real judge.

Unfortunately McConnel has spent the past 3 years trying to install a bunch of fake judges, so we’ll see.

Bahahaha what a bunch of snowflakes imagine Obama suing FOX


Please point to all of the “fake news” and lies they are promoting to take out a POTUS.

Please provide your sources as well.

What can an organization do to take a President out? They have as much leverage as Fox News or National Enquirer or Guitar World.


You must have missed the last three years of fake news about russian collusion and didn’t watch any of the veritas vids…

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Crybaby in Chief.
Donnie always makes me laugh.

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I wonder if Trump realizes what it would mean if Hell were to freeze over and this lawsuit could succeed.

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This thread will shine a spotlight on those who care about the Constitution and those who are pretenders.

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Project Veritas? Are you ■■■■■■■ kidding me? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

people see now how pathetic and leftist CNN is and how the last thing they care about is truth.

same for their demented little stepsister msnbc

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Please, please, please, please, please file the lawsuit…

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So, can I put you down for being FOR 1st amendment or AGAINST 1st amendment?

If libz is fer it, he’s agin it.

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The letter itself, even without a lawsuit, is problematic.

All CNN’s lawyers would need to do is show Project Veritas’ history