Trump threatens china with 200B in new tarrifs

he just put out a letter threatening china if they dont back off from the retaliatory tariffs they instituted.

i doubt china will buckle under his threats

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Bye-bye Dollar Tree!

This is how you make America great again. Suck it libs


tanking the economy is how you make america great? who knew…

Btw… I blame Facebook for auto correcting Suck to Zuckerberg twice!

Tanking the economy is only the first step in trumps plan. Wait until we get to step 11. Libs will be crying.

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Trump: Hey poor Americans, I know you don’t have much, so I’m going to raise the price of alot of goods you buy, but MAGA!


Trump is just taking America back to the glory days of the early 20th century, before things like electricity and running water were getting popular…

Should toughen everyone up and MAGA…

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Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1959!


We know poor Americans are paying too little in taxes. It’s ridiculous how much the 1% is paying to subsidize those at the bottom. Minimum wage laws don’t work. Raising taxes on the PRODUCTIVE people doesn’t work. We have to force people to do the jobs that would otherwise be done in China or Mexico for pennies on the dollar, otherwise America will cease to be.


It’s like he’s trying to kill every chance the Republicans have of taking back the house. Initiating wildly unpopular tarriffs that will tank the economy, doubling down on the cruel family separation policies. Like he wants Rs to lose.

… We should stop him, right?

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11 dimensional chess. You’re just not smart enough.

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Who’d ever thunk trade wars could be so cool!!!

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Trump has gotten himself into a big game of chicken.
He said that winning trade wars is supper easy.
This might get a lot worse before it gets settled.
And I don’t expect China to back down.

I don’t want trump impeached. I hope Mueller doesn’t end his investigation for another two years.


So not surprisingly it’s started out as a bad day in the stock market:

OK, I can almost see tariffs as a “bargaining tool”. But when you piss off so many countries with them at the same time, it’s hard to make any one single deal.

I could be wrong but I don’t see China backing down…especially if alliances grow among all the countries Trumps attacking! Which is exactly what trump wants, the destruction of the Western Alliance…


Trump himself said this in a Fox News interview in 2015.

Talk the economy so workers are so hard up for jobs they will gladly cede away the last of the benefits they get and will be grateful just to get any type of wage.

China is using this as an opportunity to expand their influence.

These policies are going to do long term damage to the US’s place in the world.

We are basically abdicating the role of world leader because reasons.