Trump threatening opponents with violence


Its more funny that he think any of those group would go to bat for him.


Cratic, quit trying to derail this thread.




Your standard bearer has yanked away from you the privilege to whine about shaming and bullying. Sorry.


Always trying to censor people’s speech. That’s too bad.


Melania Trump is the one with the anti-bullying campaign. Do you even live in America? :rofl:


Maybe he’s referring to when the left burnt down Berkeley when a gay conservative was speaking. I was reading we’re they had to spend $600,000 for security for Ben Shapiro to speak at Berkeley.

We can denounce Trumps ignorance and the left’s ignorance of thwarting speech they don’t like at the same time.


Be thou comforted…:om::star_of_david::yin_yang::wheel_of_dharma::latin_cross::star_and_crescent::peace_symbol:


Never took you for a Snowflake




You mean like this stuff?


If that report was from Business Insider and not from the ADL it would hold more merit. The ADL is ever bit as biased as Breitbart. The ADL listed Maajid Nawaz (Who is a Muslim) as an anti Muslim bigot was then sued and had to take his name down.

They also have the Parkland shooter listed as right wing inspired. The guy was crazy and said he wanted to be a school shooter.

You might as well use the daily kos as a source, the ADL lost all credibility years ago.


Freedom of speech means the government will not interfere in it.
it doesn’t mean private citizen wont protest it.


are you suggesting they just made up 50 + dead?

Ghost people.


You didn’t?


Nah. Just good ol’ Americans that hate fascist garbage.


Is he still a practicing Muslim though ? Also, one can be a bigot against their own kind, can’t they ?


How many times did the “right” mock Michelle Obama? They said she’s a man they made fun of her dresses which exposed her arms, and accused her of being an angry black woman.

Then there’s the incessant mocking of Obama in “mom jeans,” mustard, tan suits, depicting him as a monkey, etc.

The biggest bully is in the WH, so please tell me again about bullying?


I haven’t looked into the whole thing but of the 50, they counted Parkland as a right wing attack in which 17 people died.


He claims he is a Muslim, regardless the SPLC apologized and paid him 3.4 million.

The SPLC is highly partisan, I am not the only one who has pointed this out through the years.