Trump the Empty Vessel

Trump only listens to the CEC.

If Trump dropped his ridiculous wall dream, Democrats would cheer and ask for money for real security for the border, not some symbol that people would find their way around, under, or over.

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You’re contradicting your talking points.
This OP says that Trump listened to Erdogan about pulling out of Syria.
You need to keep up.

Where did I contradict my “talking points”?

I said (me, not the OP [which I am not]) said that Trump only listens to the CEC. That’s the only point I made. The OP discusses Rush and the CR bill, which I am discussing.

Point is that he (Trump) was going to sign the CR bill, then talked to Rush (part of the CEC), and Rush talked him out of signing it. Why did he have to consult with an entertainer (as Rush has admitted) about policy? What experience does Rush have in policy?

From the OP;
This has been most visible lately as Erdogan suggested the Syria exit.
It goes on to say that Erdogan convinced Trump to pull out of Syria.
You claim Trump only listens to the CEC.
You need to consult with your handlers before you post.


Truly, the reality show presidency.

If this is “reality”, we are so ■■■■■■

Reminds me of a child sitting in the drivers seat of daddy’s car.

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For his entire life. He’s the little kid who knocked over the Xmas tree five times with no consequences.


Man he’s an idiot. This photo makes zero sense.

What stack of bills has Congress passed that he has that many to sign? Why is he only now getting around to signing them if there were so many?

This is nothing new. He’s completely spineless.

He was going to take on the NRA. Until he didn’t.

He agreed to immigration reform and deferred to Congress. Until he didn’t.

He was proud to take responsibility for the shutdown. Until he wasn’t.

For all the talk Trumpsters love to make about a deep state shadow government, the CEC is pretty much running the presidency.

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Which may be a nice dig at him (politician or celebrity has ghost writer, that’s news) but the fact is he would have approved the ideas and has remained consistent with them.

I hope the press asks for a list of all of those bills and a reason he was looking at a blank sheet of paper. The man and his staff cannot even pull off a photo setup.


Let me update to satisfy you:

Trump listens to dictators and the CEC.


I see you received your daily talking points.
You need to check them daily before you post.

You libs just don’t get it. OK, so that may have been a PR photo, but the sentiment is legitimate - Donald works very, very hard every day against people who are very, very mean, and very, very unfair to him as he tries to MAGA his heart out, and all you can do is mock him trying to show how hard he’s trying to MAGA.

I mean honestly, he hasn’t even had time to golf since he started all this.


Fact - he spoke to Turkey’s dictator president about Syria.

Fact - he spoke to Rush Limbaugh about CR

It’s tough continuing to support this sad human as President, but someone has to, right?

Point is you blew your pinko talking points this morning and stepped on a fellow leftie’s OP.
You need to be careful about that.

I didn’t step on ■■■■■

I’m sure Poots will guide your leader on other matters important to re-invigorating ISIS or giving other dictators victories.

MDGA - making dictators great again

You know that after about 4000 Trump bashing threads, nobody cares. We are saturated. All Trump bashing has lost it’s impact.

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The only ideas he does have on his own is reversing everything connected to Obama. Other than that he serves his masters.