Trump the Empty Vessel

Ron Reagan was on the tube last night making this observation. Everything that Trump does is influenced by others. This has been most visible lately as Erdogan suggested the Syria exit. And how Rush and others in the CEC made him change his mind about the spending bill. Basically this man has no ideas of his own. And he has no convictions and moral compass. And this makes for scary times.


Remember his gun control show and immigration show he put on in front of the cameras where he agreed to pretty much everything in the moment? He agrees to something, the right complains, he flips. He hates our allies and wants to be friends with dictators because they are cool.

His “build the wall” and “Mexican rapists and criminals” rhetorics came straight from the Ann Coulter book he read (or, more likely, had described to him).

This picture, that he himself posted for everyone to see is the perfect depiction of the empty vessel.


â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  pathetic. Just pathetic.

Exactly what Mattis pointed out in his letter.

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Nope. Just read his book from 2011. He is consistently trying to accomplish the same things now that he wrote about then. He just realizes that sometimes you don’t get your way and you have to compromise.

Blank and empty fake bill. Blank and empty fake president.

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Patron saint of the worst aspects of our culture - banality, crudeness, relentless self-absorption/entitlement, and mindless greed.


That is absolutely perfect.

What a doofus.

I bet the Big Macs he shovels into his face are real, though.

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He wasn’t this bat ■■■■ crazy and stupid before. Something or someone triggered this stupidity and it started around 2008.

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The irony of so many crazy people just rattling off crazy things about our crazy POTUS…that eludes themselves of just how crazy they themselves have actually become since Trump was elected.

It’s…its…crazy. :sunglasses:

Is he crazy for signing a blank sheet of paper?

It’s…it’s crazy and just what I’d be getting all crazy about on a Saturday afternoon. Wow…it’s all so…crazy.

Funny… you people were saying he listens to no one… that he does only what he wants to do.

But now… the story you tell changes.

It occurs to me that it is progressive liberals who have no idea of their own… that everything they say and do is a reaction to Trump. No proactive solutions, no original thought, only reaction… like political drones. And this thread is a perfect example.

(Why am I being offered a chance to edit someone else’s post. This can’t be right.}

The problem there being that he didn’t write that book. He has multiple ghost-writers that do it for him.

He can’t even read a page-full of text in his briefings and you genuinely think he’s ever sat down and written a book…


BTW… you couldn’t possibly know this but I’ve heard Christians extol the virtue of being an empty vessel…an empty earthen vessel.

So in a sense, you have congratulated Trump on being what the good Lord wants us to be.

Trump is the most influential president in my life time.

Millions of lefties hang on his every word, so they can criticize it and take the opposite stance.
Fire Tillerson and Mattis? They immediately go from a tool of big business and a warmonger to icons of sanity and stability.
If Trump wants a wall all he would have to do is announce that he no longer wants one. That he thinks it would be foolish and counter productive.
Suddenly the left would be demanding one. Schumer and Pelosi would demand $10 billion be authorized to build one.

In this thread, Trump has morphed from an impulsive fool who listens to no one, to a dishrag who listens to everyone.