Trump tells 7 year child old Santa isn't real on Christmas Eve

Good lord. It’s so easy for him yet this ONE time he could lie he instead told a kid calling into a line set up specifically for kids that believe in Santa that Santa doesn’t exist. On Christmas Eve. What should be the easiest of PR missions and you have this. Merry Christmas!

Jeez, what a tool.

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Don’t believe in Santa, believe in me. I alone can Christmas.


The dude has his Grinch audition down.

Sometimes the President can be genuinely funny.

This is one of those times.

God this is so hilarious but so aggravating at the same time. I’m aggravatingly humored.

Santa is real, he’s just a part of the deep state



He just genuinely doesn’t know how to behave like an adult, does he.


He can’t even handle the most basic of roles like this without ******* up in some way.

Be careful, there might be some seven year olds on this forum!

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I’ve learned on this board that Trump is a psychopath, a sociopath and a traitor, but this takes the cake.
CNN has also been sitting on a story that Trump denied the Tooth Fairy to a 15 year old. Lemon will probably release the story sometime this week.


I was under the impression that he was a serial liar as well. Have been told numerous times the man just can’t help himself. That talking point sure didn’t age well.

Well, I guess on the positive side we have learned that he can actually tell the truth. I guess that’s our Christmas present from the White House.

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Because a 15 year old believing in the tooth fairy is like spoiling Santa Claus for a 2nd grader.


A second grader who was calling NORAD to track Santa’s flight path. Hence- a kid who is home waiting for Santa.

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Would you have preferred he lie to the child? I’m not sure Donald Trump knows how to tell a lie.

He is a serial liar. He just doesn’t lie about Santa Claus to seven year olds because his moral compass is a precision knife. He’s honest when it matters, with the people who matter.

Please keep your goofy husband away from the phones.

She looks lovely. It’s impossible for me to tell from a photograph, but she looks like she’s enjoying herself.

He looks angry.

It’s probably the smile, or the lack thereof.

There is something sad about that photo- the body language is weird.