Trump Team Doing "Plunge Protection"

They’re getting scared. Trump is unhinged. Talking about firing the FED chair. Mnuchin makin calls on a Sunday.

Chaos president. Thanks cons.

Only took him a year a and a half to kill the economy…just like everything else he has run…

Thanks “cons”…as usual…cant let you have power without ruining everything


Is this like plunging a toilet? Is this why people talk about flushing twice?

Nothing to see here.

The fed chair is an idiot. Why was is such a great idea to increase interest rates right now? The problem with these clowns is that they can’t admit when they are wrong. It was a stupid idea. They could admit it and reduce the rate back to where it was. But they won’t their ego’s won’t allow it.

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You betcha.


The argument is that the Trump economy cannot withstand 2.5% interest rates.

Totally bonkers.


10 members of the Federal Open Market Committee, including the chairman, voted to raise interest rates and none opposed.


Well duh… the Fed is part of the deep state.

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Nobody is making that argument. Here is what we know. The market is driven by panic. And everything makes them panic. Whenever there is a selloff it is nearly always based on “worries and fears.” In other words panic. Sometimes the market panics and loses hundreds of points. Then it gains them back plus some after absolutely nothing changed. Why? Panic. Tinkering with the interest rate is worse than “worries and fears.” This was the wrong time to fiddle fart around with anything.

One cannot claim that the interest rate is being tinkered with when everyone knows that the rate is going to go up… because the Fed has telegraphed it’s intentions for a long long time now

If one wants to point to where the uncertainty that causes panic is coming from, look towards the White House.

That is where momentary whims have Trumped decades of steady policy.


It’s the hugest economy in history as long as interest rates are at 0%

Lol so funny.

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Where did you study economics?


Got a B.S. from Trump University


And that BS doesn’t mean bachelor of science…

Not accurate.

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“The market is driven by panic, professors.”

“You, sir, have studied well! You are hereby awarded your Ph.D. in economics. Go forth and tell the masses how the market is driven by panic.”


Lol. Way too easy of a set up.

Trump U.