Trump taunts liberals at CPAC

I loved this. He looks at the camera with a smirk and says. “Russia please, please, please release your Hillary emails!” Just an in your face jab at their lame assed failed Russia hoax. Great stuff. I hope the media goes berserk( again). :grin:


My god. The Republican Party is total ■■■■ show.


Well. This explains a lot.

I just finished typing in your other thread that my 20 year old daughter and her friends would happily vote for Biden.

Because they are appalled at having a Troll as president.

But this is where conservatism is nowadays.


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The dignity of the office in full display.


I hear this asinine reasoning for the Mueller witch hunt all the time from the conga line leftist liberals on Fox News and they say it with a straight face! :open_mouth: Some conservative pundits give them the benefit of the doubt that they actually believe it but I don’t, I give them credit for being devious & deceitful enough to hope that some will believe it and sadly some do. :roll_eyes:

That moment when the President says a word (and then the crowd starts chanting it) that cannot be posted on this board.

Family values!

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CPAC is a joke of a group these days.

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Good God, I can’t believe this moron is president

If you don’t like it, that’s means it’s awesome. Try to have some fun. We are!

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I was hoping for hysteria. Thank you!!!:joy:

Trumpers and so called conservatives love their Hollywood president.

You mean when he said B.S? I loved that! We all did because we are very, very baaaad.


“Bull****! Bull****! Bull****!”

Sounds like you guys are having an absolutely wonderful time.

How is he taunting liberals? Do you think any liberal is watching CPAC?

Compassionate Conservatism! Family Values!

Fake news. were B.A.D.

Boo! :ghost:

is Hillary in jail yet or is that another broken promise by Trump?

Now that we have a real AG, things are likely to change. Be careful what you wish for.

Was Session part of the deep state is that the new talking point?

Trump actually used the word ■■■■■■■■ which as you know, is filtered here.