Trump Swamp Continues to Overflow

In today’s episode of “how putrid is the Trump. Swamp?” We learn that Transportation Secretary and wife to Senate Majority Leader McConnell Successfully arranged for $78 million for projects that would specifically benefit Kentucky. The cabinet secretly assigned an aide to be the special liaison for Kentucky projects, a perk that other states did not enjoy and which helped channel money and attention into Kentucky in advance of McConnell’s re-election bid. How is this not the swamp?


Is draining the swamp no longer a thing?

Fake News! Donald was elected to drain the swamp and there’s no evidence that he’s corrupt whatsoever or else the Deep State would have already brought charges against him therefore he’s innocent besides Clinton and Obama!


Also, gorsuch and cavanaugh make it all ok.

Swampy swamp. Do republicans care?

The swamp was drained and has since been overfilled with toxic waste.

Just add it to the long list of things that would have been an endless scandal had it happened during the Obama years, but have been relegated to a news blip because Trump is the worst President in history presiding over the more corrupt, incompetent administration in history.


The silence of Trump supporters is telling. Republicans don’t care about the self-dealing corruption.

This is business as usual for politics but Trump shouted loud and proud he would drain the swamp but he is the epitome of the swamp.

His clueless supporters refuse to see that and they clap like sea-lions when he recites this magic phrase.

We know in this thread the usual suspects will stay away or “obama”, “clinton” or the always fashionable “its not an issue i care about”


They won’t touch this thread. It’s more comfortable to argue about gay people.

You act like Trump created some kind of spy ring and used the IRS to attack Americans.
WAIT, sorry that would be the sick in the head Obama who did that.

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Imagined D spy ring bad.

Real R siphoning from the public trough for personal or political gain good.

We got it.


Clueless supporters who were smart enough to know the Russian collusion was a lie!
We are not sheeple, we don’t watch fake news.:rofl:

Good for u jj

You’d think after multiple posts mockingly predicting an Obama deflection, you wouldn’t see someone roll in here with one. But these are Trump supporters we’re talking about.


Deep State lib mob media fake news lies notwithstanding, to see Donald restore integrity, honesty, and forthright dealing to DC after decades of corruption is incredibly refreshing. He and his administration of tireless patriots have restored our nation to the beacon of truth and nobility our Founding Fathers intended, and he did it ahead of schedule and under budget. The American taxpayer owes this Dear Man a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid.

:us: MAGA! :us:

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You should thank us for informing you that the Russian collusion was a lie created to deflect from the spy ring created by Obama and probably used by the Democratic Party, god knows they act guilty ignoring it.

I got my judges and I don’t care about anything else!

Politicians favoring their home state. I am outraged.

That is a truly remarkable comment given the forum it was posted on.