Trump Swamp Continues to Overflow

The point of the thread is that Trump was supposed to fix all of that. What’s the hold up, then?

Specifically give us the quote where he was against politicians working for their constituents.

What did “drain the swamp” mean, then? Code words for business as usual?

Personally, I see nothing wrong with a Congressman or Senator showing interest in helping his district. Do Democrats oppose that?
What is Pelosi’s position on this?

Elaine Chao does not represent Kentucky in any way, shape or form

Elaine Chao is not a member of Congress though is she?

I would argue that his supporters are not, in a sense, clueless, but feel very entitled.

I don’t know, you’d have to ask a Democrat. Now can you answer my question. What did Trump mean by “drain the swamp”?

Elaine Chao was not elected to represent Kentucky so your scenario is meaningless. She was appointed to represent America’s interests, not the state her husband represents.

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What does that have to do with the FACT about the Trump swamp described in the OP?

So nothing wrong with a cabinet secretary funneling $78 million to her husbands (senator up for re-election) state?

That’s not what happened. This was done by a cabinet secretary benefiting her husband. Was she elected?

Using his special relationship with a member of the executive to get favors for projects for his state that use my tax dollars?

A conservative here is saying he is for that?


Pelosi’s position is that her husband isn’t funneling money to California through his non-elected government job.

What better place for a turtle to live than a swamp?

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It’s deflecting from the fact Obama committed treason and should delt with!

No thing Trump ever do worse than Obama and Clinton.
Obama and Clinton treason America, make less great.
Trump make all great and shiny again. All world now respect USA. USA should vote Mr. Trump in election cycle second time. USA!


I’m sure many more millions were “funneled” elsewhere. Why do you hate Kentucky?
How much of the department of Transportation’s budget is represented by that 78 million?

And…do you really care that Kentucky got 78 million for projects?
I doubt it.

Hmmm…seems to be about .1% of the Dept of Transp budget. Too much for Kentucky?

Ah. That’s different. She gave her husband 78 million in tax dollars. I am against that. Something should be done.