Trump supports, are aligned on this - tell Russia to attack countries

Yet still, I don’t war monger.

I wish you did get it.

Is he wrong?

:joy: :rofl: right :+1:

Not asking Russia to attack an ally is the exact opposite of war mongering.

I’m against war, so I support encouraging Russia to make war!

Do you think your post deserved anything more?

Post something more than stupid stuff. You can do it!


Don’t be so sure.


He could but he will not.


Please document that Trump asked Russia to attack an ally, or any other country for that matter. You know that he did not.


The left needs to stop reacting to everything that squirts out of his mouth.

He says things. Four years of his presidency showed that he says a lot of things but doesn’t act on any of it.

Concentrate on the fact that he can’t govern because his handlers want him not to govern to show that government is useless. Not this nonsense

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What’s all the fuss about? Biden will just squint Clint Eastwood like and whisper “DON’T” and Putin will be so terrified he will immediately stop any aggression…

Good thing ferocious Joe is leader of the free world!


Just the sight of him strikes terror in the hearts of our enemies…


I observe actions my friend and make my deeper judgements on them. If you listened to all of the Biden lies and actually gave a ■■■■ , you wouldn’t be the Brandonite that you are.


I don’t know…he mutters these things, and then they become part of republican doctrine. We’re seeing prominant republicans excusing and even supporting these comments, and so ‘letting russia do want they want to allies’ slowly becomes part of the republican platform…

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He should be ashamed of posting “stuff” like this.

Cheering from the bleachers.

biden laser

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Reminds me of Harris going to Central America and telling people “Don’t come to the US”.

Remember that nonsense?

We see how well that worked.

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But it makes Lib fee fees better…and that’s all that matters.

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The original article is behind a paywall. This should do.