Trump supporter's bunker mentality

I’m know this has been covered in piecemeal fashion on this forum for the last few years to be sure, but don’t remember a specific thread regarding this phenomenon. If so, my bad.

But an interaction with a co-worker today brought this back to mind, and also reminded me of other people I know who are just like him.

This is a man whom I like as well as anyone I work with (out of hundreds of people). He is kind, courteous, a very good worker, conservative, and religious. We share the same religious faith and attended the same church for a while.

Today we had some time to chat about our out of work lifestyles. The talk went to the media, and we talked mostly about the TV shows we liked to watch. He steered the discussion around to politics, saying he watched a fair amount of political programming.

Now, I am always careful about sharing any political views with acqaintances and co-workers, since I am not interested in creating any conflict unnecessarily with these people. So I simply listened.

He began by telling me that virtually all news was biased, and most of it was “fake news”. He made it clear that he watched only certain cable programs (Fox) and avoided any network news. He also told me he no longer reads the newspaper, as he no longer trusts the Associated Press. The man is convinced the mainstream media, all of it, is biased against the current Republican administration.

He’s not the only one I know like that. My BIL, who has been getting the daily paper for decades, no longer takes it because of the material in it.

These folks have willfully shut themselves off from virtually any information that conflicts with their point of view and existing biases, mainly about the president.

In sum, I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised that some many on the right continue in their slavish support for Trump, et al, since they don’t allow themselves a peek outside the bubble.

Just my opinion/observation.


My mom went full on Dittohead after 9/11. And she was a legit hippie.

Heard Rusty today on the radio. Said this business is “all made up!” just like the Russia investigation was. The mistake Trump made this time (briefly) was choosing to “cooperate” by releasing the summed phone transcript, which just gave the leftists reason to think there “was something there”.

Now, Trump must continue to resist any cooperation.

There’s a lot of merit to what he said. If there is anything that Trump has done…it’s to have exposed fake news. Just 6 corporations, own 90% of the news media.


Perhaps, but he also exposed the millions of gullible in the country…


I’m not sure how your link supports your contention.

I think I heard Douglas Brinkley on Morning Joe say that we need a Joseph Welch “Have you no sense of decency?” moment with Trump. What he doesn’t realize is if that was to happen now, a large percentage of the Republican base would not know about it because their media wouldn’t have covered it. And in any CEC coverage of it, Welch would have been endlessly attacked.


Over 90% of coverage of Trump is negative so the co worker is clearly right.

Trumpers have to have a bunker mentality due to the fact that to believe in right wing conspiracies which have now have become part of Republican identity requires a suspension of disbelief.

This is exhausting on its own and it becomes necessary for the individual to live in an echo chamber in which their beliefs are validated and “fed” in order to sustain the mental strain of living in an alternate reality.


He believes he is.

Other information, contradictory to his established beliefs, causes cognitive dissonance, which can be very psychologically uncomfortable. Easier to avoid it.


He is correct, the coverage of this administration has been entirely biased since before he was even elected and continues to be.


do you seriously have to drag your mom into this cesspool?

Ever think maybe it’s because 90% of Trump as a person is negative? Was the media 90% negative about past GOP Presidents? Could it be that Trump is just a despicable human being with little or no redeemable value. And everything is always about him and what benefits him?

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There has been a clear bias in the Media’s reporting of Republicans going back to the Reagan era.

The only difference today is that the percentage of negative coverage and flat out false reporting has gone through the roof since Trump became the nominee.


I agree. I voted for Trump NOT because I thought he would be an effective CEO of our nation’s economy, but because I thought he was the nicest candidate out there. Wow, was I wrong.

I’m working on getting Richard Simmons on the ticket for 2020. Richard may not know anything about improving the lives of poor and average Americans (but who cares about them anyway, right?), but he’s super nice and will never offend anyone. I’m with Richard!

False as Trump see’s it, and tells his followers to see it. If its not something praising him, it’s negative or fake news. And his followers buy that…

people realize what truth is and not

when they avoid what is manifestly not truth is not “shutting themselves off from information”

it is avoiding ■■■■■■■■

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The Godless, soulless, leftist media just blatantly lies. They also don’t cover huge scandals by their Democratic masters.

That statement is completely false on it’s face.

Those two words pretty much sums Trump up…