Trump support and why Dems should fear it

Sometimes it is a good idea to look beyond the white nationalists for Trump or fake libs for Trump, or even his pure base and reiterate once again why Trump may very well win in 2020. The Times, The Atlantic and some left punditry keeps trying to point his out and my side of the aisle will ignore it to the detriment.

First The Trump voters, not his base do not care about the Russian investigation but that’s been obvious for a while.

What’s more important is that there is a contingent of Trump voters who continue to support him despite the fact that their profits may dwindle or that they may lose their jobs. They like his “fighting spirit” but not his brash ways. This cannot and should not ignored

Those supporters will vote for him despite their bottom line because they truly believe that he is doing good work in the long term. This becomes clearer as more and more articles are published in regards to the view those votes hold on the Trump tarrifs I again implore the Dems to run on something other than “we are not Trump”

As a side note for those who may argue that the below is an anecdote. It’s not. This a theme that permeates throughout the Rust belt and other manufacturing areas

There will be a percentage of the voting public who will come out to cast a vote against Donald regardless who runs against him. That percentage doesn’t need to be convinced, but it can’t be relied on by itself to unseat him. So yes - the Democrats will have to offer a candidate and a platform that is more than just “Donald sucks” if they want to regain the White House.

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Why do you say things like this? Why do ALL libs say these sorts of things? Mind blowing prosperity is happening right now this minute for All Americans. And it’s going to get even more mind blowing exciting in a short period of time. Not years. Months. Prosperity is happening at the speed of Trump now.

As someone whose workaday duties are over…I am so envious of the young people about their current job prospects that you simply would not believe it. I’d give your left arm to be able to be able to compete in today’s explosive job marketplace. And the entrepreneur marketplace.

When there are more jobs than people wages go UP. A total 180 degree turn around from the soul killing Obama terror years of despair.

When you say things like this it just makes you look dumb.

Conversely the only way to make libs happy is for America to fail her children so they’ll que up to vote democrat. And that ain’t happening under Trumpus MAGA.


Not the ones losing their jobs due to the tariffs. You should read the links provided. Or do you dismiss any negative news as “fake news” - the way Trump wants you to do.

Good lord…lol.

With regards to the OP, Republicans need the Mueller report. If after that comes out and (depending on what it details of Trump corruption and criminality) they STILL are backing Trump, then this country really does have some problems.

I agree, the message should be an economic one. There’s a reason why Republicans are not touting their own tax cuts and trump tariffs, this where they’re vulnerable.

If there is a showing of criminality etc then my op won’t matter imo. Voters may turn but i still think it’s a big if

Hyper inflation!!! Complete economic collapse!!!
Versus actual figures and actual things happening.

Yeah you are for realzies

WOW what a great Platform for Democrats to run on! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Currently there are more jobs then job applicants so go ahead and campaign on the “hope” that there will be “no jobs” by 2020. And go ahead and announce that Democrats have “no clue” how to plan for the “long term” and of course encourage their voters to believe the “articles” they read rather then what’s going on in their real lives.

All Americans? Quite a broad brush, MOT wouldn’t you say?

How about the soybean farmers of America?

arent they Americans too,?



I read the article yesterday.

Trump voters are too far gone.

You cannot reason with people this stupid.

We need to concentrate on getting our voters to the polls.


Because they are looking for the dark lining in an otherwise silver cloud.

It’s all politics for them there.

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True, but he’s still very unpopular.

I don’t know how far back you go, but he was banned on the old board by Goose for broadbrushing dems and libs.

To your point I agree, if a farmer loses his farm due to the tariffs, cheerfully telling him he can get a $12 an hour job in town isn’t going to cut it.

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I see no Hyper inflation!!! Complete economic collapse!!!

Ever seen a soybean plant Mx. 99? Farmers hereabouts tend to plant for the best cash crops. I could show you fields and fields of soybeans. And more fields. Right now. Today. Growing. And if you ask the people who own those fields I’m sure to a one they’d all say, “Sure we want to make more money!” And they’ll keep planting.

Not likely since a 15 billion dollar farm aid bill is supposed to be announced tomorrow. :grin:

p.s. Didn’t know you could be banned for broad brushing. If so a lot of people on both sides should be in trouble right now.

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Correction: 12 billion dollar bill.

I remember a time when conservatives were against corporate welfare and handouts like this.