Trump suing washington post

this should be interesting. trump is suing wapo for defamation.

somehow I think bezoz will be able to hire any lawyer he wants and drag trump into court to testify.
after all if trump has enough time to sue he has enough time to be deposed and testify…

Washington Compost has a history of defamation. Glad they’re getting their asses kicked in court lately.


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suing over opinion articles isnt going to go anywhere.
all it might do it invite sanctions on trumps attorneys…

And get his base calling for blood.

Didn’t the GOP used to be against this kind of thing?

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Indeed. But that was when the GOP was conservative. Those days are over. Conservatives have fled the party and left in their wake the Trump Republicans. They are for or against whatever Trump is for or against on any given day or matter. They have untethered themselves from any semblance of principle.


Against people suing for defamation? Not that I was aware of.

True. I remember how strongly Republicans supported Sandra Fluke in her defamation case against Rush. Nobody here defended Rush or trashed her over her audacity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Birther in chief suing for defamation lol


Wapo should accept this with open arms. Straight to discovery.


and depose trump since he obviously has the time to sue…


rhymes with frivolous lawsuits?


And now you get to be sued!

Lol for an op ed piece. As the president.

Trump is a fighter, get the libs !

This will get tossed out like the other case

Not before the NYT and Post try to force Trump into discovery and depositions :rofl:

It wont get that far

By an Obama judge.

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