Trump Suggests Delaying Election

Trump took to Twitter this morning to suggest a change in the electoral process.

President Trump on Thursday floated the possibility of delaying November’s general election, in a fiery new warning about the implications of mail-in ballots.

In a tweet in which he claimed that the practice would lead to “the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history,” Trump suggested: “Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???”

As noted in the article, Trump has no authority to change the elections. So yes, this is bluster by Trump, trying to sow doubt in the election results. Not a very smart move, I would argue. Again, it plays to his base, but only alienates him from potential voters even more.

We’ve had elections during trying and complicated times before. I have more faith in our systems than Trump. There will be problems, there will be hiccups, but all and all … I think our country will persevere.


You are right, this rhetoric will only further distance those floating and independent voters. We all know his base are incapable of independent thought or critical thinking when it comes to Trump.

But it is obvious Trump will not accept the results if he loses.


He’s ginned up public support already from Pompeo, which takes this beyond a fleeting tweet we’re supposed to say “just trump being trump” to.

Mike Pompeo has put his two cents in:

I didn’t know the Department of Justice can make that decision. Isn’t it up to Congress to vote on this?

Pompeo hasn’t read the constitution.

I hope Trump backs off this idea quickly. This is dangerous.

Since Barr is in Trump’s pocket, I guess the 2020 elections have been cancelled.
Trump til 2024!

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Trump 2024. Trump 2028. Trump 2032. Trump Forever.

This is too wacky for me. Rudy G suggested something similar after 9/11 so he could remain as mayor-and keep in mind that this was America’s Mayor Rudy, the one who’d be getting high schools named after him if not for his later choices-and New Yorkers ran him out of town on a rail. And 9/11 happened on primary Tuesday.


This seems like a tweet to distract people from the largest GDP drop in US history, and Herman Cain dying after attending Trump’s awesome Tulsa rally.


This is why Trump wants to delay the election.



Trump is trolling the Dems.

This tweet just removed any doubt I had about voting for Biden this year. A sitting president trying to manipulate the election - shameful. I never thought I’d see this happen in this country.


Triggering Dems by ■■■■■■■■ on the Constitution. So presidential


I’m not a fan of mail in voting. It today’s world there is no reason it can’t be done electronically via an app or the web. If I can access my retirement account securely via mobile, which people will have 10s to 100s of thousands of dollars in, there’s no reason mobile voting can’t be secured.

That said: this was a pretty dumb idea to just drop out there.


Isn’t it great how people give this explanation like it’s perfectly normal and acceptable?


Wouldn’t you think he be too busy to be trolling on Twitter, given the circumstances?

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Well, no, he’s desperately trying to change the story of the day from the worst GDP drop in history to this. It’s still despicable.


An actual paper trail is actually much more secure than a digital one because can’t be altered. That’s why in most states, electronic voting machines produce a paper trail.


I prefer in-person voting. Gives more weight to an important action. That said, I’m all for making voting easier. Yes, all precautions need to be taken, but voting should be easy and open.