Trump speech in Michigan inaccuracies

So Trump had one of his campaign speeches in my home state of Michigan yesterday. The Detroit Free Press was real quick to point out all the things that Trump was just flat out making up about what he’s done in Michigan:

Basically he’s making up this whole bringing car plants back to Michigan thing. But here’s the kicker:

“As of February, there were about 2,400 fewer auto and auto parts jobs in Michigan than when Trump took office in January 2017.”

So a couple questions. Does Trump realize he’s saying fake things(like with COVID)? Or is this one of those things he just believes to be true either because he’s woefully uninformed or someone just told him it was true?

Second, do his supporters here believe what he’s saying or do they just shrug it off as Trump being Trump?

As a side note, it’s depressing as hell that the new chant at Trump rallies is “We Love You!” That is the saddest thing I’ve heard in a while.

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The “We love you” thing is super weird.

I cannot imagine having my identity wrapped up in a politician so much that that would even cross my mind.


He also said that Biden is going to take away coverage for pre-existing conditions.

The thing that he is trying to do?


Trump bashed Biden for using a teleprompter, then WHILE USING A TELEPROMPTER asked the teleprompter operator to back up the teleprompter so that he could say something again.

To answer the OP, his supporters just don’t care.


In 2016, it was said that Trump could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his supporters would still support him.

At this point, I’d say not only would they support him - they would denounce the victim as a member of the deep state who got in the way of the bullet to make Trump look bad.


Michigan’s job gains were led by the transportation equipment industry, which rose another 2 percent in the past year and remains the state’s largest sector by employment. The auto industry has driven the state’s post-recession growth, adding more than 23,000 jobs over the past seven years. Major news for the industry included Fiat-Chrysler’s plans to shift Ram heavy truck production from Mexico to its factory in Warren, creating 2,500 jobs. Metal-stamping company Flex-N-Gate also recently started production in Detroit and will eventually hire 400 people.

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Wait, seven straight years? That can’t be correct. It only could have started in January of 2017. Fake news. But also, why does Trump feel the need to lie about auto jobs?

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I guess the left don’t see people, including politicians, as human beings, but only as instruments that can be used to lever power.

Well that is the exact opposite of what I said… so… good job? I guess?

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That’s enough. Take the hint and tone it down.

Michigan added manufacturing jobs for a seventh straight year, according to data collected by Manufacturers’ News Inc. (MNI). MNI reports manufacturing employment in Michigan climbed 1.6 percent between February 2017 and February 2018, extending the increase in manufacturing jobs the state has seen since 2011.

Thank you, President Obama!

President Trump took office January 20, 2020. No democrat does anything for jobs.

“His welcome was raucous and animated, as the sea of people cheered, waved and took pictures. Tears rolled down one woman’s face as Obama spoke. “We love you, Obama!” another yelled out. “I love you back,” Obama answered calmly, eliciting a roar from the crowd.”

That is totally the same as the Trumpsters acting like he’s the Beatles.

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He got off the airplane to “Fortunate Son” playing.

Whoever is picking these songs is clearly trolling him while being paid by him and I’m ok with that.


Trump is a symbol of American Patriotism. Love for Trump is not adoration for a person, it is Love for America. Trump did not have to lead this movement to restore America first. He did so selflessly. He had stood up against corrupted politicians in the USA. Of course patriots love what he is doing at great personal sacrifice

I find it funny that you think that that is some sort of zinger.