no one cares who you voted for or not. : )


Please explain thinking man, why does Trump want SNL in court?


Yes, Trump’s meltdown on Twitter continues. It’s been a long few years of Trump meltdowns.


Trump can say anything he wants. He has the same first amendment rights as you and I.

Not surprising fascists want to take away those rights.


He didn’t specify taking snl to court, but you already know that.

Just more hand-wringing and racism from the left.


This must be hard for you…its ok…


Wonder why snl couldn’t find a thing to mock about obama during his 8 years of failure.

Sounds incredibly biased to me. I’m sure you all will claim otherwise.

Prove it.


The only one sounding like a fascist is the President of the United States who in a statement said he thinks a comedy show should be in court to defend themselves for…reasons?


I care. So you are wrong.


Is bias a basis for a legal claim?


2 years of complaining about his tweets from the people who wanted twitter to ban him, and when that didn’t work, wanted to buy twitter so they could ban him.

Fascists through and through.


I never wanted him banned from Twitter. I do wish his tweets weren’t official statements from the president. So sad. But please explain why the president thinks SNL should be in court?


Of course he does. I never suggested anything to the contrary.

What fascists, in this thread, suggested doing so?

The person suggesting rights should be taken away is Trump. I suggest reading the first post in this thread. i think you may have accidentally skipped it.


Did you watch SNL last night? Did you watch a single time during Obama’s presidency?


Are broadcast networks constrained by equal time laws or not??


i find it hilarious

but please, post more about how “at least i didnt vote for” then two, three sentences of hate



i dont interpret that as his wanting to take snl to court

but i bet msnbc does!


Stopped watching after they became increasingly hostile, and the barron trump hit by one of their (currently employed) writers was the final straw.

Used to love snl.


What fascists on this forum wanted to ban him from twitter, or wanted to buy it so they could ban him? sounds like a crazy thread. I can’t believe I missed it.


Then how do you interpret it, other than another Trump tantrum?