Soooo, Trump wants SNL to go to trial for meanness? Please someone Trump’s plain.


Trump say: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Lol The Daily Clowner.

He must have watched last night. It was hilarious.

They did an opening skit that was the reverse of “its a wonderful life” where everyone was happy in a world where trump was never president.

That the president of the United States makes such ridiculous statements should be an embarrassment to the entire country…


Ahahaha, petty little ■■■■ can’t stop watching the SNL skits about him can he.

What did he sniff this morning?

Adderall and hot sauce.


His presidential library is going to be a joke…

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Donald is a very sad snowflake quickly melting before our eyes.


Since when has SNL been news?

Laughing stock of world leaders without a doubt

Once again of like to thank the people who voted for this “man”…

All that projection of liberals being in their emotions…and they vote in this loser.

still cant get over losing?

We get it, you all hate trump. Must be racism.

The meltdown continues.

The hate here seems to be what Trump has for a comedy show. And wants to make illegal? You voted for a wannabe dictator.

they become more and more unhinged as time goes on.

wait can we use that word in here or did they snowflake it into the list of hurtful words?

agreed, trump’s meltdown is SAD!

I’m fine…things corrected during the midterms…odds are trump is one term or resigns…I’ll wait and see how it all unfolds…least I didnt vote for a baby…or the perfect choice for the cec…a loud mouth crybaby…just like his base