Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize, says South Korea's Moon

"SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean President Moon Jae-in said U.S. President Donald Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end the standoff with North Korea over its nuclear weapons program, a South Korean official said on Monday.

“President Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize. What we need is only peace,” Moon told a meeting of senior secretaries, according to a presidential Blue House official who briefed media.

Moon and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday pledged to end hostilities between the two countries and work towards the “complete denuclearization” of the Korean peninsula in the first inter-Korean summit in more than a decade.

Trump is preparing for his own summit with Kim, which he said would take place in the next three to four weeks.

That upcoming meeting was the main subject of a private walk and chat that Kim and Moon had during their meeting at the border, the official said.

In January, Moon said Trump “deserves big credit for bringing about the inter-Korean talks. It could be a resulting work of the U.S.-led sanctions and pressure”.

Moon’s Nobel Prize comment came in response to a congratulatory message from Lee Hee-ho, the widow of late South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, in which she said Moon deserved to win the prize in recognition of his efforts, the Blue House official said.

Moon responded by saying Trump should get it. "

Crazy times.

this like acid in a libs ears.


You know what? If the war officially ends and NK denuclearizes for good and works to integrate into the world economy and answers for its human rights violations, I’d be totally ok with Trump getting the peace prize for such a good outcome.


But would you vote for him 2020 in hopes of better things to come?

Of course not, I don’t agree with hardly any of his political stances.

like talkin’ tough to N Korea?

personally if I were Trump, I’d hold off on the celebration… and hold off being nice to them. N Koreans have been playin’ the US for years.

I don’t disagree. I can see Un thinking that this is a diplomatic way of gaining control of the south, and to have done it by playing a strong hand. I think the tell will be if he allows outside influence into NK early on or if he continues to oppress his people in an attempt to control the narrative in the region.

Is calling names on Twitter “talkin tough”?

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The human rights issue is a bit of a conundrum.

I could see Kim Jong-Un offering some generals to fall on the sword.

The abuses go to the very top, though; it’s the policy of the Kim family to rule through terror. I don’t see any chance of real justice. He wouldn’t sacrifice himself.

Personally, I feel like this is all smoke and mirrors.

Can we just wait a bit to see where this leads before we start talking about this?

Personally I am more interested to see the ROK military’s position on all of this.

Their modernization program and the massive amount of funding being poured into it depends on a hostile North Korea.

Since Obama got one for doing nothing, don’t have an issue with it. Trump is still a ■■■■ human.

But a poster in this forum just told me the other day that the South Koreans were 100% behind this and Trump should receive no credit. He needs to tell that to the same South Koreans he was praising.
It would be interesting to compare the news time afforded to possible peace in the Koreas compared to the time spent on “Stormy”.

I think Kim will be the one to get the Nobel, if this thing holds.
Would be a great welcome to the human race card for him and maybe make him want to re-invent himself and his backwards countries future goals.
Makes way more sense than Trump.
If Trump won it, wouldnt bother me either.

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I’ve asked a few people so far what Trump has specifically done or said to make this happen. I haven’t received a response yet.

As if those Deep State Norwegians would give Donald their Prize.

He called Kim “Rocket Man” and bragged about the size of his “button” or something.

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Here’s a thought. He’s already got a fake Time Magazine cover on the walls of his resorts (for some insane reason), he should just go ahead and have someone forge him a Nobel.

And he send Pence to scowl at them in Pyongyang. And Ivanka had dinner with them. And um…he sent some finger-wagging tweets.


(And for the record, I’ve always disagreed with Obama having won it.)